July 6, 2005

Farah's Birthday

I feel lazy to go to the office, so been lazy to do anything else as well..

Monday, July 4th 2004 was Farah's birthday. I bought her a Chocolate Blackforest cake from Jusco's bakery.

She is seven now.

But is it normal to have a feeling that she's not gonna be someone who can think like someone who is at her age. I'm not sure whether she's actually been thinking complicatedly over something, or maybe she get scared to get scolded for doing a mistake, she thought things differently.

I was once like that. I was always look at thing at make it such a big thing while it's supposed to be simple.

But I do believe it will only happen under pressure. I used to solve a simple science problem of a project group representing my school (and I was not the group member) in a competition.

As I was always a troublemaker, I freak the hell of out of them with my stupid tricks and words. They were mad and asked me to shut the hell up. As I came closer, I said sorry and asked them why everyone looked deeply stressed?

They were thinking of a solution of how to smoothen the surface of the table made of strips of newspaper.

I suggested a stupid idea but they jumped for joy!

They managed to represent the southern region in the national level. I was as usual folling around while they were achieving what they wanted.

And about my sister, i've no idea whether she is in depression or under pressure. She has not experiencing any the symptom. She is quite clever in school. I reckon she understand every single thing being taught and said by the teacher. She has no problem in understanding and executing instructions.

Last night, one funny thing happened. She had a 'Jawi' writing homework. There was a list of 6 acts/jobs. The instruction written was,

"Tulis 'baik' atau 'buruk'"

which means

"Write 'good' or 'bad'"

(tulis = write, baik = good, atau = or, buruk = bad)

into the acts/jobs stated. As the answers were baik, buruk, baik and at the item no 4 was also baik, she started to get confused with no reason. She cried by saying it's not suppoed to be like this.

The forth item was "mengajar" (teaching). She erased the word 'baik'. I wasn't watching her till my mom came and scolded her, and me as well.

"Along, y don't u watch what your sister is doing. U see, she wrote "tulis" (write) into the blank.

And as usual, I laugh like mad!

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