June 30, 2005


I hate being demotivatively worried. I like bumps but it seems that now I've to find 'em. My life is so boring without challenges. So here I come, challenges!

But where are the challenges of my life?

I've a lot of things to be considered as to continue with my freakingly empty life.

Went to the cinema yesterday (and the cinemas in JB are not as great as those in KL, especially Mid Valley; I love Mid Valley's cinema very2 much!)

It was the Initial-D that I watched. Adapted from a Japanese comic, and the chick inside the movie was really like the chick in the Manga. They are actually chinese but looked like the japs.

Especially the chick :: from the face, the body, the breast.. lalala..

But I'm badly wanting to quote a sentence from that movie.

"What else a man would sweat for except money, woman or car?"

So, I do think that I'm in that group of men as mentioned above.

And a quote from the Tuesdays with Morrie, "Forgive anything and anyone while you still can"

Not exactly sounds but it does mean as it is.

So now, I've been thinking of my life. What should I do with it. Broke. No money. Business is stuck. And I'm still crave of doing a lotsa things to my car. The petrol price increased by 30 sen tomorrow. This is crazy!

I've a few options in mind. Should I open a Laundry shop? Or should I just proceed with an Ikan Bakar Stall, as I was always dreaming of doing so?

Actually I've been fanatasizing myself of having a coffee shop just like in the Gilmore Girls drama, as I would like to let people have the best of the taste I would serve.

But an Ikan Bakar stall would be nice enuf. There's no superior Ikan Bakar Place in JB as to compare with Tanglin's in KL. Simply grilled with turmeric and salt. Served with a plate of 'Air Asam', a mixture of tamarind juice with slices of onion and hot chillis. Sold at a very cheap price.

Laundry shop is a good option too. You know what. This big city of JB had only one laundry with Dry Cleaning Facility. What a shame!

While I'm still continuing the timber thingy, I think I should be doing all this side stuff to actually create more opportunities, for myself and for jobless people. And more option for people to spend their money.

I've been thinking of doing tour and travelling business too. Get an MPV, like a KIA Pregio, and have let say 10 passengers, drive them to any place they want. Establishment of good contact at those hotels is very necessary as they can actually promote my service. Not only I'm getting money, I would be able to travel and join them for holidays. So everyday is a holiday. And luckier, if there are happen to be japanese chikies using my service, imagine they servicing me at nite later.

Owh my bad imagination. How could I still have such an imagination at this critical moment of broke!

So what's next.. I can't think of anything to do with my qualification. Information Technology? I can just use it to get more information and to gain more contact. I've been so closedly narrow thinking of doing business, which I have only exposed on the ordinary kind of business.

I've tried to be geniusly thinking about things can be done with my qualification. Zero!

Lalala.. what's next.. what's next....

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