June 2, 2005

Of Singaporean Chicks...

As a kewl response from "Of Malaysian Girls" published by a kiasu in Singkapoh...

Why you should date Singapore Chicks

1. If u marry her, if u're lucky enough, they will support the whole marriage, as they only spend half of what they're suppose to spend, considering the conversion of SGD to RM.

2. If u marry her, especially if u're from the upper part of Malaysia, it's a good reason not to go back to her kampung during festivals. Save a few pages of your passport too.

3. If she's the city type, it's a very good reason not to take her back to kampung. Saves your money too.

4. They speak odd english (stupid singlish), so that would be a very good reason to marry them, as when u go out, don't take them along. The reason, they speak bad english so, it's so embarassing to take her along. Then u can go date another girl instead. hahaha...

5. It was said that their driving skill is good, plus a very good behaviour as a driver. Whenever you go out driving, she can be your obedient driver. You can sit beside and look at the other chickies.

6. They're so generous! They don't mind spending as when they converted SGD to RM, they still gain a lot. Save a lot of your money then!

7. They're good at fashion though. If she can speak properly, it's worth to take her out to show off!

Why you shouldn't date Singapore Chicks

1. They are well known of their ugliness and being proud of it. Singaporean malays looked like the Orang Laut and the chinese looked like Mainland chinese. I'm not saying all of them are ugly, but maybe 1 out of 100 girls is pretty.

2. They're so used of behaving so nice in singapore. But they may behave instead in Malaysia. One of the reason, maybe they're too far apart from their parents! And in Malaysia, no one will ever give them tickets for littering.

3. As if u date 'em in Malaysia, u don't have to worry of quiet sex. Do it as loud as you can! But I bet u won't. They're not as expressive as Malaysian girls do! Dead fish!

4. They're not independent.

5. If she doesn't want to support the marriage, YOU ARE A DEAD MAN! All the expenses is multiplied by 2.27 times.

6. If you have to go back to singapore, the expenses is MAD!

7. They're just f*ckin materialistic. I'm not denying that Malaysians are materialistic, but they are too far away up!

(taken from myself)

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