June 15, 2005

Materialistic or Moneylistic?

I used to heard materialistic, as directly translated as "Kebendaan" in malay language.

Materialistic is a theory that physical matter is the only reality and that everything, including thought, feeling, mind, and will, can be explained in terms of matter and physical phenomena. It also explains an attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life with great or excessive regard for worldly concerns.

So to be frank. Is it the material that you need, or the money? There's no such thing as moneylistic though but a friend used it and it actually ignited my desire to write a blog about it. I had a big thought over it.

The main concern is actually the love. To girls, are you willing to fall in love with someone without a job or a poor someone? To males, are they ready to love a jobless girl, or a girl that you have to spend a lot of money with?

What's actually actuated the love instinct inside someone, or in a couple? The heart of each other OR the materials around 'em?

For me, to fall in love with someone is to love the family as well; as well as she has to get along well with my family too.

But before that, what is the consideration to fall in love. As I'm growing older, plus past experiences, the criteria list is becoming longer, day by day.

1. On the physical :: Not to mention the very-must-asian/latina-look, pretty or cute :: at least at my own sight, average figure, not too thin but shouldn't be fat at all, a lil flab at the stomach would be fine, kissable pair of lips, non-smelly breathe, fine skin (and this is why i'd prefer girls with tanned/darker skin), a pair of visible handful breast, good command in english, at least a lil trendy or stylish, nice smell of body and hair. I don't care whether the hair is straight or curled, as long as it suits her well.

Which is all around us.

2. On the attitude :: What about to find an honest girl. I don't mind an outspoken and rough girl (Huhu I love it). She should be able to trust and understand me. She can respect me and my family. I don't mind the way she talk, as long as I know she loves me. If she could talk non stop, that would be better because sometimes I'd just keep quiet because I don't know why.

Which I think the combination of these two criteria is still okay to look around.

3. On the family :: What about the girl with a sporting family, I can talk to her mom, her father, her siblings, her grandma, all her family members.

Okay this is quite hard now to combine all these three.

4. On the financial :: She would be able to buy things for herself. At least. And not to be stingy, a girl who can share expenses. And a girl with a family without financial problems. I'm not asking much as I don't really fancy for presents from a girl. Presents are just objects and it might be lost, forgotten or ruined. I'd prefer a treat for an ice-cream, cake or food. I'm not stingy at all, but i'll be stingy to those people who are stingy!

So my preference is the combination of all 4 items above, on the physical, attitude, family and financial.

FINDINGS (as in Malaysia)

1. Most girls has the look, without the attitude, family and financial criteria.

2. Girls with good attitude and good family, normally come without the look.

3. Girls with financial ability also doesn't come with the look, and their attitude depends on the family, if the family is good, they will behave good.

4. There are girls with look and good attitude, but have family and financial problems.

5. Worse, a non-good looking girl with bad attitude. This is just totally unacceptable. I just don't care of their family and financial.

6. Girls with all the criteria of look, attitude, good family and good financial standings is actually a lot. But I don't know where they are.

7. Mathematically there should 16 combinations (4x4). I can't list everything in here..


The most lenient consideration would be on the look and the attitude, because at least i can love her not the family. Money is something we can work for.

But still, I don't wanna end up financing people for the rest of my life.

Is that still considered as MONEYLISTIC?

* Money is not everything. If you have a lot of money but unhappy, still useless. I should start spending on someone rather than just on my car.

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