June 28, 2005

How to make a living?

To live is to die" - ... And justice for all (Metallica)

"Ulat dalam batu pun boleh hidup" - A malay proverb which means "even an insect can make a living in a stone".

I'm alive and still kickin. Been travelling around on the last weekend to Perak. Driving from home at JB at 5.30 pm, arrived in KL at around 8pm. Waited for my sister, we exchange cars. So, I'm driving up to Perak in her car. Stucked in the jam for about an hour plus. Reached Kuala Kangsar at around 1am.

Been visiting not less than 9 sawmills. There were a lot of illegal sawmills.

But they were a bunch of craps. Nothing I can put hopes on.

Going back to JB with a hope to sell ready Rubberwood timbers with a very good price.

When I came back here, the price they're getting is very much lower..


I'm gonna chat with Hemsem... he's online..

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