June 1, 2005

Today as per 1st June 2005

It's been 3 years.. exactly today...

So . It's the 3rd anniversary..

If I have my own kinda "Hari ini dalam sejarah" (Today in history), a documentary of important events happens around the country, I would have a lot of things to be told.

For the past 28 years of living, 1st June is always my favourite date, and I don't know why. Since when I was small, 1st June was like a 'magical' date.


When I started to remember things i experience and see, i think it would be somewhere in 1980, when I've my sister, Fadhlina was just borned. She was borned on the 25th May 1980, and a few days after that, which is on the 1st June 1980, I was able to see her for the first time..

She's so beautiful, and i still remember how I was longing for a sister as I was always had fights with my brother Ikhwan.

I had never been apart from my sister. Every chance I've got, I'll kiss her on her cheek. And if my brother wants to kiss her, i'll push him away or i'll just kick his head off her. Haha..

And on that day also, as she was just came home for the first time, my grandfather was also there. He was sleeping.

Previously, my brother was playing with all the adjustor of the television. My father bought a big TV, with wood frames, and the screen, I estimated to be about 21", coloured, and quite "glamourous" at that time.

So the TV, with all the adjustment lever put to the maximum (there were 6 levers, Volume, bass, treble, brightness, contrast and color), i switched on the TV and suddenly i heard..


Guess who?

It was my grandfather who was shouting at me... Hahaha... Of course he was waken up by the loud TV as he slept next to the TV on the floor..


There was once, the Eidul Fitri was on the 9th June. I don't remember which year. And 9th June is my father's birthday.

As this is so special, I was wanting to give my father something special, but not as special or heartily like other people does. At that he was still smoking. So, I decided to buy him a carton of cigarette. (at that time, it was just RM20 or something, I collected all the coins in the house to but the cigarette). I bought the carton of cigarettes on the 1st June.

Afraid of being caught, and if I was caught, they'll misunderstood me as smoking, so I hide the cigarettes somewhere near my grandma's store. You know, previous malay people had a small house to store all their things that is not being used daily. It was used also to store the dried corn, to be given out to all the chickens.

I hide 'em below the corn. It was nicely packaged. I bet my father will like it.

9th June :: As it was the Eidul Fitri, everyone was seeing each other, forgiving and shaking hands. I was busy looking for the present for my father.

It was gone! Someone must have been taking it away!

I feel like i'm going to die. I was hoping that i can give something big to my father.

My mom told me, " Along, today is abah birthday, have u wished your father..."

I was ignoring her as I was busy packing mailing stamps into an envelope together with the birthday card.

I can only replace the cigarettes with mailing stamps. I know he wouldn't appreciate it much. But I was so sad at that time..

I even sealed the birthday card with my tears!


1st June 1990 :: For the first time of my life, I have a girlfriend, at the age of 13, and the best thing was, I shared her with 3 other boys. WTF..!


At school, I joined the military cadett. I'm so lucky as the school's cadett team was supervised by the soldiers from the Commando Regiment.

So, during form 4, all the senior cadettes are required to lead group of students from other uniformed society to take part in a marching competition.

1st June 1993 :: I lead a group of "GIRLS" for the marching competition. I was appointed as the leader but I decided to let other friend to lead the group during the competition day as I think i've had enough. The team was the Pasukan Puteri Islam.

We won the first place! We've beaten out the scouts and even the military cadet


1st June 1995 :: There's something happened to me.

I knew someone who is so sweet.

But I was a chicken.


1st June 1997 :: Just started the classes in Unitele (Universiti Telekom) It was a freaking long period of studying, no rest after the diploma.

Me & Eric were so famous. My and his face were scattered all over in the first ever prospectus of the university.


1st June 2000 :: I started to work "Officially" with Amstek Sdn. Bhd. My first ever company I've been working. I work like there's no tomorrow. I was not paid. There are a lot of hardships I've been going through with Hemsem, Farok, Asmadi and Nur Zakri.

Experienced being bullshitted by MRCB. Plus the Prime-Minister -To-Be stole our idea of Halal Food Hub. (and he's now realizing it after failing our initial program)

I even lost my Satria GTi when I was working with Amstek.

So sad.


1st June 2002 :: I was engaged for the first time in my life..

For some people, they might be engaged just for once, but there will be the 2nd time for me hehe..

Or even the 3rd, or 4th or whatever..


So for those who were asking when's my turn, I already did.

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