June 15, 2005

Latest Mod & Repairs !!

Sounds like i did a big mod over my car. No, it's not, but still, i'm quite happy about it.

1. It's been quite a year, and only now it was fully tinted. I've put on a Silver Sungaard tint for protection from the heat. At a freakingly cheap price!

2. And I've changed the rear speaker to a real MID speaker. No more trebling sounds from the rear.

3. Rewired the tweeter and now tweeter sounds come direct from the amplifier with the help of a capacitor.

4. Sound proofing (not everything) especially the sound that comes from the door. It's really irritating, and now it's gone!

5. Repaired the bended sport rims. No more trembles when speeding.

6. Redone the cambers. The car is no longer 'senget'. The steering wheel is satifyingly well-centered.

7. Replace the front grill (with the HONDUH emblem) with an empty aluminium grill. (Very RICE)

8. Replaced the plastic grills of my front bumper to an aluminium racing grill.

9. At last, a lip of my dream. It's hard to get a PU lip rather than a fibre lip.

Erkk.. that's a lotta money.. 1k++

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