June 16, 2005


So, tell me, myth or real?

It was so told as Cinderella is a true story, and it was not as bitter, or as magically, as we're told or read when we're still young.

There were more drama, more sweet things, more magic from the heart and the most is.. a real sweet heart..

I will fall in love with Drew Barrymore everytime she appeared on screen for no reason. No words would explain how I fancy her appearing on my TV, and I would hold her if she's in front of me.

I don't know why.. I just love her so much.. Especially when she ahppens to be acting in the EverAfter movie, the one I watched twice on the Star Movie this week.

It was about Drew Barrymore who acted as Danielle de Barbarac, a daughter of a French Baron who likes to read books. All the father doing was to be away from home for few weeks. She has never met a mom as her mom died while giving birth to her. So, just like the cinderella story.

One day, the Baron returned home with a surprise. He has got married with a widow with 2 daughters; Margarite and Jacqueline. As she stepped off the wheels, I knew it, she would be the bad stepmother as in the cinderella story, because, she has got the evil look, just like the Queen in the Snow White story.

That night, b4 she went to sleep, the Baron had talks with her. She displayed her pleasure over the well-mannered sisters she's gonna be with. She loves the way they had dinner. And the Baron told her that he's gonna be away.

Tomorrow morning, the Baron left with a horse. Danielle insisted everyone to wait for the "TRADITION", which is the wave just before passing the entrance gate. But the Baron fell down and passed away.


So after 10 years, Danielle had become "Drew Barrymore" :p. Which means the grown up Danielle is played by her, and both of the step sisters has grown up too.

At one fine morning, Danielle was picking up apple for breakfast. She was treated like a servant since her father died but she just wouldn't care about it anymore. All the people around her is all the happiness she wanted. As she heard someone's taking her father's horse from the stable, she quickly ran and throw the apple to the robber but unfortunately it was Prince Henry.

She beg for forgiveness and let the prince took the horse away. The prince pour gold coins on her back, and ask her to promise not to let anyone know about it. It was 20 gold coins and she went back happily.

At home, one of the loyal servants has been sold to pay the tax. She decided to use the money to buy the servant back. As it was already late for breakfast, the Baroness called her.

The stepmother, Baroness de Ghent has only one goal; to make her first daughter, Margariteu de Ghent to marry Prince Henry. All the cartiers in Paris is very well informed of the irresponsible and immatured Prince Henry. The king decided to arrange his marriage with the Spain Princess.

Earlier in the morning, Prince Henry ran out of the castle and that's why he went to steal Danielle's father horse. While he was still runinng, he passed through a travelling group that was being robbed by the gipsy. As he gets nearer the gipsies went away as they saw a group of soldiers pursuing something, as they are actually chasing the prince.

An old man, was crying loud as one of the gipsy has taken his great drawing. Sympathized, Prince Henry chased the gipsy till he get the drawing back. He returned it to the old man and realized that the old man was Leonardo da Vinci!!!!!

As he gets back to the castle, the funny looking King was way too mad. Prince Henry not to be the King if he is to be forced to get married with the Princess of Spain.

By the way, Danielle was dressing like a cartier and heading towards the castle to let the servant free with the money she got. The Baroness was buying brooches with her two daughters.

When the Baroness were home, Prince Henry returned the horse. The Baroness was mad when she was not informed of the Prince's arrival earlier this morning. The prince has displayed his pleasure for being well treaten by the girl who let him to steal the horse. The Baroness mentioned that the girl is a mute but the Prince said she is very good at talking and seems to be very knowledgable. This has made the Baroness to become way much more mad than before.

As Danielle saw the servant that was about to be taken to the port to be sent to America, she asked the guardian to release the servant but the guardian yelled at her. Prince Henry has just arrived and saw the guardian yelled at Danielle. Not recognizaing Danielle in a better dress, she asked how dare the guardian yelled at a cartier.

Then again, Danielle displayed her words of wisdom in front of other cartiers. The Prince agreed to release the servant. As Danielle walked away, Prince Henry followed her and arguing about matters. Danielle introduced herself with her mother's name, Nicole de Lancret. Henry has obviously showed her interest towards her but when he was about to ask more, the Queen was around and while Henry was busy with her mother, Danielle ran away.

As she gets back home, Margariteu sarcastically singing "Someone in trouble" repeatingly. The Baroness pushed Danielle towards a reasting chair and warned her not to again see the Prince ever, behind her back.


It's gonna be long. Look for EVERAFTER movie and watch it!

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