September 30, 2005

All the stupid things....

It's all begin with this stupid blog provider. Such a mess of my left bar caused me to be not in the mood to write anything.

It was all started when I went to a cybercafe, i think it was on the last Tuesday morning. I saw my tblog page was in a real mess and Abby did mentioned that something has gone wrong with the page. WTF!

I went back to Melaka last Saturday, together with the whole family, sending my cousin back home after her operation. Then we proceed to Seremban and I stayed there for a night.

Sunday, I was DIYing my car's air filter. I would say it was such a good DIY job. Then went to KL for Karaoke. Cop was so cheebye because he's the one who had been challenging us to Karaoke. Then only 3 of us left, me, my bro ikhwan and Efdza the Hemsem. Went to LowYatt and get myself a self made external DVD-CDRW drive. Hemsem bought a lot. He even bought the speaker with the subwoofer.

Monday was such a stupid start too. Stucked in the jam, hen had breakfast in Bank Negara while having some discussion with Mr. Amir, then went out to see Nana, took her to Mid Valley, discussed about a few things, especially on the new business that i'm gonna venture in, New Artist Management, while having lunch at the Secret Recipe restaurant there. I think this is such a kewl business. We even went to Karaoke for an hour at Bangsar before i sent her back to work.

At night, went out with Elly to uptown. Tuesday, had lunch with Romdzi, and i did saw something that really amaze me. There was a small sized, decent looking girl, wearing tudung, who possess a set of breast, which i think the cup should be at least of the 'D' size. It was way too big. As a normal male, i can't stop looking and wondering why can it grows so big?

We were keep talking about it on my way to send him back to his Office. Then i had a meeting with my former boss, Rosli and together we went to Mid Valley. Had sushi and talk about more nonsense then whoever can think of. The later at night was the Futsal Hour!

Wednesday, I was waken up by Nana's call asking me to see her to discuss again. I took her to Kelana Jaya to take stocks for her outlet and unfortunately, we saw this advertisement about the sale by ADIDAS at the Terminal 3! 70% discount. We went there, but i can't find myself a thing to buy, except for Nana, she did buy a lot of things. Had lunch at Kelana Jaya, sent her back and I myself went Serdang.

I took Chili and Elizany out, to a golf club nearby and talked about events that i may participate, in order to promote myself in the vendoring line. At night, my brother, ikhwan went to see me and we went out for a movie. I was tired but, i think i do love my brother so much so why not? We did watched the MYTH, a movie by Jackie Chan and it was fun! We had fun again by doing 2 frames on a snooker table near my house.

Thursday, I went back to JB.


Stupidity :: Caused by the people or the condition/situation?

Dr. Mahathir said in a newspaper today that, Malaysia is a very safe place to live in except for it's road and streets. Malaysia is among the countries with the highest rate of death caused by traffic accidents.

He blamed the drivers with no manners, ethics and no proper skill of driving too.

I agree, but only 39.8%

Because, due to my very own experience, i myself was nearly knocked down a motorbike, just because of a pothole that was not properly done, during a rainy day. Most of the accident also happened caused by people avoided the bad parts of the roads and streets. Even on the PLUS highway, i have to drive slow when i reach the not properly levelled bridge ramps. So bad.

I was nearly hit by the coming from the opposite traffic just because I wanted to avoid a hole left by the cable layers because of the heavy rain.

Luckily i can consider myself a very good driver so I managed to escape the hazardous situation. Alhamdulillah...

September 24, 2005

A jot of notes...

Have u heard the phrase "AYAM KAREN"? (electrified chicken)

It's the phrase that was being used for the people who were slightly fat, as it's actually the name we used for the chicken that we eat. It's called that way since those chicken were being electrified first, before it was slaughtered.

This morning, i saw a chicken procesing factory, MAYA group, somewhere near my place.

Well, the more significant point i'm trying to bring up here is,

That's how MAYA KARIN got her name. hehe..


I've been back from KL last thurday morning, somewhere around 3AM. In the last Futsal round, I managed to score, a pretty beautiful score I would say.

The last Monday, I managed to see Elly, and spent our time at Ampang. Tuesday afternoon, went to my lunch appointment with my ex-fellows in TMRND, Siti, kak Iza and kak Tina. Went and discussed a few things with Elizany, and at night, went Futsal and celebrate Cop's birthday as well.

Wednesday, i took Nana out for discussion about her entertainment business while shopping around. I need a few things to buy and Nana was there to help. She's going to promote a new group, not really new but slightly new in the market as they've been singing in some big events, but not properly marketed.

Drove to JB, picked my sister and my cousin and arrived in my house around 3. Get back to work on Friday, done and time to give some attention to my car.

I've replaced my broken front windscreen. Replaced my broken right side mirror glass. Add in earth-wiring. Change my bulb to H4 HID bulb, together with the relay. Redo my front grill, and replaced my fog light to enable it to be mounted at the back of the grill. Not to forget, a "Fast&Furious" green neon, mounted in the engine bay.

Look "RICE"..


At the other notes, i find myself as actually being too sensitive. Been watching a few movies, i was deeply touched. I'm being more sensitive to understand what people want and need. Comparing myself to the previous me, I would prefer to be the previous me, stronger mind, stronger heart and at that time only one person who can change whatever decision i made.

My GF.

Now no one is actually persuading or influencing me on anything except for my Father. It's not that I don't have a stand, but second opinion is rather important to me.

Now not only second, but third, fourth, fifth and so on. I'm quite happy with that.

For other bloggers, they might not take negative comments. They rather take it negatively too. Not for me, even though sometimes i or maybe other readers get offended, i kinda like it as it means that someone is interested in my writing and thoughts.

There are discussion on the net, in the papers about anonymous people who give bad comments in the blog. Why do u have to be so reserved only to the good comments. Spice up your life!

So please, bad/negative comments are welcomed. You comment, i improve. The more comment, the more i can improve. I hate perfection. Perfection means no more improvisation can be done.

Ah, hafta go off. Gotta send some invoices.

September 19, 2005

Look at this ad!

This is one of a kind of a stupid ad! It uses arabic words as signs of terrorism.


Anyway it's not clickable. Sorry. I won't allow anyone to click the ad anyway.

Running All Over...

17th September is supposed to be the birthday for my past colleague, Chang Ye Yann. She is supposed to be 31 this year, if she's still alive. I really missed her..

I went up to KL on the last Saturday, just to attend the first AGM of Honda Car Owners Club (HCOC). It went smoothly, and i'm really happy with the new people who will be leading the club.

It's not that the previous president was not good, he's more than too good. He had done so much for the club. What the club have had for the past 7 years was all by his courage-full effort, with some of the club members who had been criticizing but do nothing in the end.

The new leadership is a very good combination of a previous leader with a full line of new faces, and most them are newer than me. Even Vincent Teh, the coordinator for most of the HCOC members were newer than me.

Now, I'm able to do almost anything, with my business is running well, I think i may now contribute to the club. I don't have to be in the leadership line, but I can support in a lotta ways, attend all the gatherings, attend all the activities and the most important, as now I have a viable car to be put on the track, i can always attend the track day using my own car now!

So now, I'm roaming all over KL, enjoying my leisure time here with no worries. At night, I went to see a few people and went for a movie, The Cinderella Man. It was such a beautiful movie. It has really touched me.

Sunday? That beautiful sunday, I went BSC KTV with my sisters and their boyfriends. 5 of us were there enjoying ourselves with the lunch set. After 4, we went out to have drink at the DOME. Then I drove myself home.. At night I went to see ABBY and had talk for few hours before her mom called.

Then I went to see Uncle BOB, and again we went lepak at this Lebanese Restaurant at Ampang, and hoping that we're lucky again tonite.

At around 1 AM, we saw a BMW with the no. plate XXX-Y. It's her again. Serena chef wan. She looked tired but we all understand that she only came for the sisha. Sitting together with us, pity her, I and bob talked a lot about our business and she seems to be looking blur and sometimes receiving calls from her friends.

We went back at 2.30 AM.

I woke up happily on Monday, i called almost everyone to make an appointment, but seems that no one is available. I drove to TPM first and meet Suzie there... Then to Serdang, meet Chili there.

The best thing was to meet Iza Syafinaz and Siti Nirwana. I really miss both of them. Haha.. Iza was about to hug me but there are people around.

So I just set for a lunch together tomorrow.

Now I'm back in Taman Desa. 2 more days to go. Tomorrow nite. FUTSAL!

September 16, 2005

Lost in nowhere..

The title sounds like a desperado looking for an attention.. Haha..

But I do lost in nowhere. It seems like i've been losing control and focus towards my life and self.

Every morning, I keep on waking up late, watching TV, fetch my sister from school, sending new Network 21 membership forms and get back to home, trying not to miss those telenovelas on TV. Rubi, Pasion de Gavilanes. The passion of watching those latin telenovelas has grown since when I was with my ex-gf, where at that time, the most popular telenovela was the Mis Tres Hermanas.

From there i learn latin words and phrases such as parfour. And even now, when I watch those telenovela, without the translation text to be put on, I will just watch like i do understand what they were saying.

In fact, I understand nothing.

For my network 21, I've added 5 more person this week. The best thing happen this week is to check my bank account was loaded. So I can start doing this and that. Without money, how could I make a living?

The next best thing to happen is that, my sister Ina is coming back to JB, and my cousin from kampung, Rohaya also come for checkup. So two additional people that will eventually cause the house to be slightly noisier. My mom would be yelling at me for making fun of my lil sister farah.

So at least, there are more people to make fun of. Not only my lil sister. But the best person to tease would be my another sister, Faizah, whom we call as Adik in the family. She's called adik for the reason that she's supposed to be the last child of the family, but 4 years later, my parents accidentally made a baby in the Germany, and ten years later, after all my prayers to get another sister, opps, they did it again! hahaha...

My sister actually came back to JB with the parents of her fiance. So last nite, they treated us dinner at Naza Hotel, with a very special treatment, even though Naza Hotel is not that "big-name" enough, but it's pretty special, at least to me.

If you read the book entitled "Why Not?" by Jim Dornan, he told about a couple who requested the hotel management to prepare their candle light dinner really by the seaside, where, most of table is inside the water, and they even get the grand piano there to entertain them while having dinner, as the management answered every requestly positively by saying, WHY NOT?

Of course it comes with a PRICE!!! But tonight, we had that kind of special treatment, having special dinner at a very special place outside the Naza Hotel, with a very special service from the kitchen crews, and I even park my car next to my table.

How special? Of course it comes with a price.

My sister is the price. They really respect and appreciate my sister, and they were so thankful for what we did during the engagement. I would smile happily for what I did too. All of them said that it was the best food every served in the kenduri they've ever attend.

But for us Negri Sembilan people, we are well-known for the good dishes we inherited. If a Negri Sembilan people invited u to a kenduri (feast), DON'T MISS IT!!!

The most important thing would be the binds. How we were binded to each other. My mom once was really not favoring the boy to befriending with my sister, but with the love bind between my sister the boy, Fairuz, everything had changed.

My mom even complained how Fairuz's mother being arrogant to her whenever they meet in the public, but I keep telling my mom, certain people they wouldn't just notice everyone as they met a lot of people, much more that what we can expect.

Today they come and I noticed that the father is quite naughty and he's not so 'Datuk'. Most people with the Datuk title would set some gap in their mix around protocol but he's just like me. Being talkative!

Looking at him made me think that I'm not even at the starting grid. He made through a lot of years before he and his siblings like Tan Sri Nasimuddin to climb the success steps, as what he is enjoying currently.

I've got to do something about it...

September 12, 2005

I'm back in JB again!!!

Early in the Friday morning, I was woken up by my mom. My cousin was supposed to be fetching me from my home at around 9++ AM. We're together going to Tanjung Pinang again!

We parked at the DutyFree Zone building and walked into the immigration counter at the Stulang Laut Ferry Jetty. I bought myself a return ticket at RM130.00 to the Tanjung Pinang. Cleared with the immigration, I walked further to the ferry and ride on! It was the 11.00 AM departure.

It took longer this time as the new regulation to prohibit any boat cruising fast within the Pasir Gudang and Singapore area. Once it passed those areas, the boat started to speed up and we reach there at around 12.30 PM which around 1.30PM Malaysian time. Even though Tg. Pinang and Malaysia are both in the same World Time line, Malaysian are actually an hour faster than them.

Once we reach there, my cousin who actually knows a lot of people there managed to get a free taxi ride. U know what, he didn't even pay for the ferry fee. I went there for a reason, one of the relative's daughter in Tg. Pinang is getting married. We were taken to the first house where we were served with Bakso Becer, which the main ingredient of the soup is the chicken feet. That was my first time but it was so delicious! I was full when we were taken to the next house, when the actual lunch was served!

Then we went to Tg. Unggat, where the marriage is going to be held. I was surprised as the house became so coulourful, just like the chinese festive in Malaysia. It was so hot, and was tired, I asked them to send me to a hotel so that I can check in and relax. I first went to a money changer, who offered me RM100.00 <-> Rp2,609,000. Then I checked in to the Melia Hotel, with the charge of around Rp.300,000 and went to buy Kerepek my Father had asked me before. Then get back to the Hotel, I contacted my worker in Malaysia, who is an immigrant from Indonesia, Suroto.

As I reached the Hotel, we took rest while waiting for Suroto to come. He came with his friend Firman. It was a stressful moment for me to hear that he just ate rice + salt and sometimes, if he lucky to get fried fish, then he gets fish. I was so sad to hear all that so I offered them to have dinner outside.

We went to a Nasi Padang restaurant and enjoyed our dinner. In the morning, we checked out of the hotel and headed to the wedding place after the breakfast. So, here are some of the moments i've put into digitized moments!

All the important people gathered outside and chit-chating

Can u check the seating arrangement? In Malaysia, people are not invited during nikah, and the guests are seated by the tables. I'm telling you, the wedding are wonderful. They started with Pantun, and these people are just like rappers, every single end of the sentences are rhymed. If i'm gonna another chance to attend wedding in Tg. Pinang again, I'm not gonna miss it. It's really a must!

The family of the bride, front row: Nani, Nina, and Rani.

Second row: The mother, the groom, the bride, and the father - Pak Kasim

Then we headed back to the jetty and took a ferry back to Stulang Laut, JB. Then headed to Pontian, took my cousin's wife and kids and drove all the way from Pontian to Seremban. Reached Seremban, took my car and drive back to my Kampung in Melaka.

My sister's engagement

It was really tiring. From KL->JB, then JB->Tg.Pinang, then Tg.Pinang->Seremban, then Seremban->Melaka. In just 3 days!

But i really have to. I've promised people in Tg.Pinang to attend the wedding in 24th of September but for some reason, they decided to make it a lil bit earlier and clashed with my sister's engagement. Lucky it's just an engagement, so I can go there and not only attending it for myself but as to represent my family as well.

So, I slept in the new chalet that was just completed for the first time. The dream chalet of my father. The coldness was like a sleeping pill! It's really like staying in the kampung house just like those days.

As usual, the problem with having feast at the kampung was the flies. So our first priority is to fight the flies. My father went out and bought the Dettol and the insecticides. Then we get everything prepared.

My granma was a lil bit worried if the kampung people cannot make it as there's also a funeral at the same day. But we're really surprised by the number of the visiting guest brought by my sister's boyfriend.

There were more than 30 cars coming! If per car is 4 person, then it's already 120 people coming. But I checked out there are about 7-8 Naza Ria which can take basically 8-10 person so the number must be more than that. To be frank, I'm so worried if we cannot cater such a number!

I was in charge in everything. From fighting the flies, preparing things to be cooked, preparing the tables, preparing the food, then when the guests arrived, I took bath and got to sit inside, together with the negotiator to discuss about the engagement. Luckily there's no such thing as 'Berpantun' so the negotiating is no more than just a set of pre-discussed mutual matters agreement.

Then i took pictures, and help preparing the food for the buffet outside and served food in the inside. I was just smiling when I heard my name being called from every single corner of the house. People even asked me where to get the toothpaste, when I was busy doing this and that.

I don't know, I just cannot sit there and relax, like some other people, because I know if I don't do things, the whole thing will spoilt. Thanx to my fellow brother Izzat, and cousins, Hafiz, Hafiq and especially Aliazak who came together with his fiance to help. I really appreciate those help. And I also did this for the love of my sister and my family.

So here are the moments! Digitized!

My sister with the Hantaran(the gift that is to be exchanged with the groom side)

From left: The father of the groom, uncle of the groom, another uncle of the groom as the negotiator, and my uncle who is the negotiator of my side. Together with their Hantaran.

The mother of the groom put the ring into my sister's finger.

Picture of the kenduri (feast). All the tables are full!

Another picture of the kenduri. The whole 3 rows are full. Look just like a wedding feast already! Imagine 30 cars coming. Luckily there was a funeral so less people from kampung coming so we can cater the guests first!

The end of the ceremony. The groom side are about to make their move back to KL. They told us that they are actually rushing to watch Nona as one of their family's wedding which happened a few weeks back is to be highlighted in that program.

I've got so many things to tell but i'm just so tired. Now I'm back in JB! I don't miss JB. I miss KL, or maybe Tg. Pinang. Or maybe my next destination is Bandung :p

September 9, 2005

Back in JB

It's really good to be back in JB today, after a rushback from Klang, through Subang, NPE, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Sungai Besi till Senawang.

I'm just coming back from KL, attending a 3-day-course in SS14 PJ. It was all about will-writing (something that i might consider as a profession as it is really interesting), to know everything about the will writing, especially the preparations and distribution of the wealth and properties on the way to the afterlife.

My car is a little bit monstrous then, I don't know, it has to be driven really fast to economize on the petrol then. Sounds terribly weird but that's what happening. The petrol gauge was not even moving a lil inch when i was driving 180 al the way from Sungai Besi to Senawang.

So i reached KL on the Monday morning, reaching SS14 and being surprised as I've to be paying more than RM700, not as initially known as RM500 only, but then they've agreed to be paid partially. Then, it really up to my surprise when I was informed that an exam will be conducted at the end of the course.

It was an interesting course. For the first time of my life I've heard about Hibah and Living Trust. I guest, most of us know about the Wasiat (the will) and Wakaf (a gift for the name of Allah), but at this course, I was get to know about the Harta Sepencarian (shared income of husband & wife declaration).

The second day went as usual, except that I woke up a lil bit late, plus there were no parking bay available anywhere in that place so I parked my car in a Park, where a lot of other cars were also parking their cars there. Next to may car was the local council's lorry so I assume there's nothing wrong with parking my car there.

In the afternoon, I realized that I left my vitamins at home so I decided to get home and get the vitamin. When I was walking to my car, my car was already being clamped by the council. I was a lil bit mad. They are around. They scolded me for parking my car there by showing the sign written "CLAMPING ZONE".

Oh shit. I didn't see the sign as it was actually being blocked by the local council's lorry I saw in the morning. I paid the RM50 to unclamp and drove away. Later at night, I followed my friends to their futsal game while studying at the resting area provided. The exam is just the next day.

So, the big day, the exam day was on Wednesday. I slept late at 3 and woke up again at 5.30 to comtinue studying. Come on, i've been paying a lot for this thing and I should do my best. There were two papers, Questions on the first paper, and they give a situation, and fill in he form as the second paper.

After the exam, I went out with Romdzi and talked about a lotsa things! Miss him so much.

At the end of the day, i've got 96% for both papers. AMAZING! After schooling, I've got a 100% just once and my scores were never more than 90% after that.

Happily, I went to Klang and met Nana. We've spent about an hour talking and chatting about what we're gonna be doing for the next 5 years.

Drove to Seremban, took a cab to the bus station and get on the bus at 8PM. I get myself a lil sleep, till in the middle of the hourney I woke up and saw a girl sitting next to me was like uncomfortable.

From there, I offered her to sit by the window and start chatting, She's a siamese and her name is NID. She's pretty, married with a son but left by her husband when her pregnancy was just 4 months old. She was on a t-shirt printing and curtain sewing business, and her business is from Bangkok down to singapore. That's AMAZING! Got her number and I got off the bus when I reached UDA.

On thursday morning, I went out with the hope to be getting my check but eventually it was not being signed yet. Shit. I have only RM900 in the bank and how am I suppose to be surviving for the next few days? I'll be going to Indonesia tomorrow, and back to Seremban/Melaka on saturday and might be going to Perak on Monday. Oh I'm getting busier. Tiring -sigh-

At night, I went out to Pelangi and shopped at the Cold Storage. Wow! What I would say is it's the heaven of food! I've shopped there but I never noticed the varietes of food that I would never found in other places like giant, tesco, carrefour, or any other supermarkets except for Jaya Jusco.

They even sell Baskin Robbins & Haagen Dasz. Got the white onion, purple onion.. I might sound so kampung but really I haven't ever see such things before. You know what, two of the purple onion already cost me RM8++. 2 of the white onion cost me RM5++. Expensive!!!

September 4, 2005

Malu bertanya sesat jalan...

Last nite? I was finding my way to Pasir Gudang Race Circuit for the first time. All those mechanics asked me to go there by myself, and yes, I lost my way but, as a Malay Proverb said,

"Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan"

which means, if u're shy to ask people, then u'll lost your way. I asked a pump attendant at the Projet Petrol Station and actually I lost again by I found the place by accident. Good then.

And the team that I went together with won the 2nd place in their category. Congratulations, as they won just RM300. The car was too powerful till the car won't get moving even with the 2nd gear. And they lost in the final as the result of the car was not moving even an inch for the first 1.7 seconds when they were launched!

Interesting! I don't know but I really feel like I want to take over and do the car launching myself. I know i can do it.. yeah, based on my past experiences in Batu 3 circuit.

Well, it's just history now.

Last thursday, i went up to KL for some urgent matters. My father was having a discussion with someone from Kelantan at Cititel hotel, and I volunteerily offered myself to become his driver. Actually he wanted to drive my car but I don't think it would be a great idea for him to drive my car all by himself because if my car gor problems, I'm the one who knows how to fix it, not him.

In the morning, I woke up and sent my car for servicing the engine lubricants and check for anything that might have gone wrong. I even fix the dropping bumper by myself. Then there we goes to KL. There were me, my father and my sister. We dropped by senawang to drop my sister and to fix anything that might have gone wrong in the house.

Then we proceed with our journey to KL and we reached Mid Valley at around 5 something, went straight the hotel room of my father's friend, went out to Shah Alam and see the friend's daughter, and to take her out together with us.

Yeah I do remember her name, Anis, but I don't remember how does she look. So we went to Alam Sentral and PKNS. The father's friend was fasting, and he was like longing for Curry Dishes, so I remembered the Syed Bistro in Alam Sentral. We were quite in a rush then as it was already 6++ o'clock.

Well then, after sending 'em back to the hotel, I went back and had a nice sleep.

On the Friday Morning, I went off to Klang and met someone there. Then get another person to join Network 21 again. Then my father asked me to come to SS14, then SS2 then sent the father's friend to KLSentral. Then we went straight back to JB as to try to reach in time before the Network 21's business preview that will be starting at 8PM.

That night, after the preview, we went for a drink meeting till late night. My father was mad.

On the saturday morning, I went out to sent my invoice to the sawmills, and then so housechores, sent my to the workshop to change the absorbers. It's the adjustable and now I can drive my car without worries. But it took so long till i only can get back home at 8PM. Then I went to ART Racing workshop and see them preparing the car for the Drag Race.

Then to the drag race. Here's the engine setup, which I believe is a lil bit awkward but it's powerful bro!!

Look at the picture. It has 2 turbines, the HKS radiator CAP with 1.3 psi pressure, err.. and that's all i notice. There's a lot more. It's actually a 2.2 litre engine of a pajero. It was running on a 1.6 BAR boost. No wonder even on the 2nd gear, the wheels were still spinning like mad!

And today, I've actually managed to help my brother Izzat to publish his own blog entitle, THINK ON YOUR OWN . Take a look and help him with his English!

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