September 16, 2005

Lost in nowhere..

The title sounds like a desperado looking for an attention.. Haha..

But I do lost in nowhere. It seems like i've been losing control and focus towards my life and self.

Every morning, I keep on waking up late, watching TV, fetch my sister from school, sending new Network 21 membership forms and get back to home, trying not to miss those telenovelas on TV. Rubi, Pasion de Gavilanes. The passion of watching those latin telenovelas has grown since when I was with my ex-gf, where at that time, the most popular telenovela was the Mis Tres Hermanas.

From there i learn latin words and phrases such as parfour. And even now, when I watch those telenovela, without the translation text to be put on, I will just watch like i do understand what they were saying.

In fact, I understand nothing.

For my network 21, I've added 5 more person this week. The best thing happen this week is to check my bank account was loaded. So I can start doing this and that. Without money, how could I make a living?

The next best thing to happen is that, my sister Ina is coming back to JB, and my cousin from kampung, Rohaya also come for checkup. So two additional people that will eventually cause the house to be slightly noisier. My mom would be yelling at me for making fun of my lil sister farah.

So at least, there are more people to make fun of. Not only my lil sister. But the best person to tease would be my another sister, Faizah, whom we call as Adik in the family. She's called adik for the reason that she's supposed to be the last child of the family, but 4 years later, my parents accidentally made a baby in the Germany, and ten years later, after all my prayers to get another sister, opps, they did it again! hahaha...

My sister actually came back to JB with the parents of her fiance. So last nite, they treated us dinner at Naza Hotel, with a very special treatment, even though Naza Hotel is not that "big-name" enough, but it's pretty special, at least to me.

If you read the book entitled "Why Not?" by Jim Dornan, he told about a couple who requested the hotel management to prepare their candle light dinner really by the seaside, where, most of table is inside the water, and they even get the grand piano there to entertain them while having dinner, as the management answered every requestly positively by saying, WHY NOT?

Of course it comes with a PRICE!!! But tonight, we had that kind of special treatment, having special dinner at a very special place outside the Naza Hotel, with a very special service from the kitchen crews, and I even park my car next to my table.

How special? Of course it comes with a price.

My sister is the price. They really respect and appreciate my sister, and they were so thankful for what we did during the engagement. I would smile happily for what I did too. All of them said that it was the best food every served in the kenduri they've ever attend.

But for us Negri Sembilan people, we are well-known for the good dishes we inherited. If a Negri Sembilan people invited u to a kenduri (feast), DON'T MISS IT!!!

The most important thing would be the binds. How we were binded to each other. My mom once was really not favoring the boy to befriending with my sister, but with the love bind between my sister the boy, Fairuz, everything had changed.

My mom even complained how Fairuz's mother being arrogant to her whenever they meet in the public, but I keep telling my mom, certain people they wouldn't just notice everyone as they met a lot of people, much more that what we can expect.

Today they come and I noticed that the father is quite naughty and he's not so 'Datuk'. Most people with the Datuk title would set some gap in their mix around protocol but he's just like me. Being talkative!

Looking at him made me think that I'm not even at the starting grid. He made through a lot of years before he and his siblings like Tan Sri Nasimuddin to climb the success steps, as what he is enjoying currently.

I've got to do something about it...

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