September 24, 2005

A jot of notes...

Have u heard the phrase "AYAM KAREN"? (electrified chicken)

It's the phrase that was being used for the people who were slightly fat, as it's actually the name we used for the chicken that we eat. It's called that way since those chicken were being electrified first, before it was slaughtered.

This morning, i saw a chicken procesing factory, MAYA group, somewhere near my place.

Well, the more significant point i'm trying to bring up here is,

That's how MAYA KARIN got her name. hehe..


I've been back from KL last thurday morning, somewhere around 3AM. In the last Futsal round, I managed to score, a pretty beautiful score I would say.

The last Monday, I managed to see Elly, and spent our time at Ampang. Tuesday afternoon, went to my lunch appointment with my ex-fellows in TMRND, Siti, kak Iza and kak Tina. Went and discussed a few things with Elizany, and at night, went Futsal and celebrate Cop's birthday as well.

Wednesday, i took Nana out for discussion about her entertainment business while shopping around. I need a few things to buy and Nana was there to help. She's going to promote a new group, not really new but slightly new in the market as they've been singing in some big events, but not properly marketed.

Drove to JB, picked my sister and my cousin and arrived in my house around 3. Get back to work on Friday, done and time to give some attention to my car.

I've replaced my broken front windscreen. Replaced my broken right side mirror glass. Add in earth-wiring. Change my bulb to H4 HID bulb, together with the relay. Redo my front grill, and replaced my fog light to enable it to be mounted at the back of the grill. Not to forget, a "Fast&Furious" green neon, mounted in the engine bay.

Look "RICE"..


At the other notes, i find myself as actually being too sensitive. Been watching a few movies, i was deeply touched. I'm being more sensitive to understand what people want and need. Comparing myself to the previous me, I would prefer to be the previous me, stronger mind, stronger heart and at that time only one person who can change whatever decision i made.

My GF.

Now no one is actually persuading or influencing me on anything except for my Father. It's not that I don't have a stand, but second opinion is rather important to me.

Now not only second, but third, fourth, fifth and so on. I'm quite happy with that.

For other bloggers, they might not take negative comments. They rather take it negatively too. Not for me, even though sometimes i or maybe other readers get offended, i kinda like it as it means that someone is interested in my writing and thoughts.

There are discussion on the net, in the papers about anonymous people who give bad comments in the blog. Why do u have to be so reserved only to the good comments. Spice up your life!

So please, bad/negative comments are welcomed. You comment, i improve. The more comment, the more i can improve. I hate perfection. Perfection means no more improvisation can be done.

Ah, hafta go off. Gotta send some invoices.

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