September 12, 2005

I'm back in JB again!!!

Early in the Friday morning, I was woken up by my mom. My cousin was supposed to be fetching me from my home at around 9++ AM. We're together going to Tanjung Pinang again!

We parked at the DutyFree Zone building and walked into the immigration counter at the Stulang Laut Ferry Jetty. I bought myself a return ticket at RM130.00 to the Tanjung Pinang. Cleared with the immigration, I walked further to the ferry and ride on! It was the 11.00 AM departure.

It took longer this time as the new regulation to prohibit any boat cruising fast within the Pasir Gudang and Singapore area. Once it passed those areas, the boat started to speed up and we reach there at around 12.30 PM which around 1.30PM Malaysian time. Even though Tg. Pinang and Malaysia are both in the same World Time line, Malaysian are actually an hour faster than them.

Once we reach there, my cousin who actually knows a lot of people there managed to get a free taxi ride. U know what, he didn't even pay for the ferry fee. I went there for a reason, one of the relative's daughter in Tg. Pinang is getting married. We were taken to the first house where we were served with Bakso Becer, which the main ingredient of the soup is the chicken feet. That was my first time but it was so delicious! I was full when we were taken to the next house, when the actual lunch was served!

Then we went to Tg. Unggat, where the marriage is going to be held. I was surprised as the house became so coulourful, just like the chinese festive in Malaysia. It was so hot, and was tired, I asked them to send me to a hotel so that I can check in and relax. I first went to a money changer, who offered me RM100.00 <-> Rp2,609,000. Then I checked in to the Melia Hotel, with the charge of around Rp.300,000 and went to buy Kerepek my Father had asked me before. Then get back to the Hotel, I contacted my worker in Malaysia, who is an immigrant from Indonesia, Suroto.

As I reached the Hotel, we took rest while waiting for Suroto to come. He came with his friend Firman. It was a stressful moment for me to hear that he just ate rice + salt and sometimes, if he lucky to get fried fish, then he gets fish. I was so sad to hear all that so I offered them to have dinner outside.

We went to a Nasi Padang restaurant and enjoyed our dinner. In the morning, we checked out of the hotel and headed to the wedding place after the breakfast. So, here are some of the moments i've put into digitized moments!

All the important people gathered outside and chit-chating

Can u check the seating arrangement? In Malaysia, people are not invited during nikah, and the guests are seated by the tables. I'm telling you, the wedding are wonderful. They started with Pantun, and these people are just like rappers, every single end of the sentences are rhymed. If i'm gonna another chance to attend wedding in Tg. Pinang again, I'm not gonna miss it. It's really a must!

The family of the bride, front row: Nani, Nina, and Rani.

Second row: The mother, the groom, the bride, and the father - Pak Kasim

Then we headed back to the jetty and took a ferry back to Stulang Laut, JB. Then headed to Pontian, took my cousin's wife and kids and drove all the way from Pontian to Seremban. Reached Seremban, took my car and drive back to my Kampung in Melaka.

My sister's engagement

It was really tiring. From KL->JB, then JB->Tg.Pinang, then Tg.Pinang->Seremban, then Seremban->Melaka. In just 3 days!

But i really have to. I've promised people in Tg.Pinang to attend the wedding in 24th of September but for some reason, they decided to make it a lil bit earlier and clashed with my sister's engagement. Lucky it's just an engagement, so I can go there and not only attending it for myself but as to represent my family as well.

So, I slept in the new chalet that was just completed for the first time. The dream chalet of my father. The coldness was like a sleeping pill! It's really like staying in the kampung house just like those days.

As usual, the problem with having feast at the kampung was the flies. So our first priority is to fight the flies. My father went out and bought the Dettol and the insecticides. Then we get everything prepared.

My granma was a lil bit worried if the kampung people cannot make it as there's also a funeral at the same day. But we're really surprised by the number of the visiting guest brought by my sister's boyfriend.

There were more than 30 cars coming! If per car is 4 person, then it's already 120 people coming. But I checked out there are about 7-8 Naza Ria which can take basically 8-10 person so the number must be more than that. To be frank, I'm so worried if we cannot cater such a number!

I was in charge in everything. From fighting the flies, preparing things to be cooked, preparing the tables, preparing the food, then when the guests arrived, I took bath and got to sit inside, together with the negotiator to discuss about the engagement. Luckily there's no such thing as 'Berpantun' so the negotiating is no more than just a set of pre-discussed mutual matters agreement.

Then i took pictures, and help preparing the food for the buffet outside and served food in the inside. I was just smiling when I heard my name being called from every single corner of the house. People even asked me where to get the toothpaste, when I was busy doing this and that.

I don't know, I just cannot sit there and relax, like some other people, because I know if I don't do things, the whole thing will spoilt. Thanx to my fellow brother Izzat, and cousins, Hafiz, Hafiq and especially Aliazak who came together with his fiance to help. I really appreciate those help. And I also did this for the love of my sister and my family.

So here are the moments! Digitized!

My sister with the Hantaran(the gift that is to be exchanged with the groom side)

From left: The father of the groom, uncle of the groom, another uncle of the groom as the negotiator, and my uncle who is the negotiator of my side. Together with their Hantaran.

The mother of the groom put the ring into my sister's finger.

Picture of the kenduri (feast). All the tables are full!

Another picture of the kenduri. The whole 3 rows are full. Look just like a wedding feast already! Imagine 30 cars coming. Luckily there was a funeral so less people from kampung coming so we can cater the guests first!

The end of the ceremony. The groom side are about to make their move back to KL. They told us that they are actually rushing to watch Nona as one of their family's wedding which happened a few weeks back is to be highlighted in that program.

I've got so many things to tell but i'm just so tired. Now I'm back in JB! I don't miss JB. I miss KL, or maybe Tg. Pinang. Or maybe my next destination is Bandung :p

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