September 19, 2005

Running All Over...

17th September is supposed to be the birthday for my past colleague, Chang Ye Yann. She is supposed to be 31 this year, if she's still alive. I really missed her..

I went up to KL on the last Saturday, just to attend the first AGM of Honda Car Owners Club (HCOC). It went smoothly, and i'm really happy with the new people who will be leading the club.

It's not that the previous president was not good, he's more than too good. He had done so much for the club. What the club have had for the past 7 years was all by his courage-full effort, with some of the club members who had been criticizing but do nothing in the end.

The new leadership is a very good combination of a previous leader with a full line of new faces, and most them are newer than me. Even Vincent Teh, the coordinator for most of the HCOC members were newer than me.

Now, I'm able to do almost anything, with my business is running well, I think i may now contribute to the club. I don't have to be in the leadership line, but I can support in a lotta ways, attend all the gatherings, attend all the activities and the most important, as now I have a viable car to be put on the track, i can always attend the track day using my own car now!

So now, I'm roaming all over KL, enjoying my leisure time here with no worries. At night, I went to see a few people and went for a movie, The Cinderella Man. It was such a beautiful movie. It has really touched me.

Sunday? That beautiful sunday, I went BSC KTV with my sisters and their boyfriends. 5 of us were there enjoying ourselves with the lunch set. After 4, we went out to have drink at the DOME. Then I drove myself home.. At night I went to see ABBY and had talk for few hours before her mom called.

Then I went to see Uncle BOB, and again we went lepak at this Lebanese Restaurant at Ampang, and hoping that we're lucky again tonite.

At around 1 AM, we saw a BMW with the no. plate XXX-Y. It's her again. Serena chef wan. She looked tired but we all understand that she only came for the sisha. Sitting together with us, pity her, I and bob talked a lot about our business and she seems to be looking blur and sometimes receiving calls from her friends.

We went back at 2.30 AM.

I woke up happily on Monday, i called almost everyone to make an appointment, but seems that no one is available. I drove to TPM first and meet Suzie there... Then to Serdang, meet Chili there.

The best thing was to meet Iza Syafinaz and Siti Nirwana. I really miss both of them. Haha.. Iza was about to hug me but there are people around.

So I just set for a lunch together tomorrow.

Now I'm back in Taman Desa. 2 more days to go. Tomorrow nite. FUTSAL!

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