September 30, 2005

All the stupid things....

It's all begin with this stupid blog provider. Such a mess of my left bar caused me to be not in the mood to write anything.

It was all started when I went to a cybercafe, i think it was on the last Tuesday morning. I saw my tblog page was in a real mess and Abby did mentioned that something has gone wrong with the page. WTF!

I went back to Melaka last Saturday, together with the whole family, sending my cousin back home after her operation. Then we proceed to Seremban and I stayed there for a night.

Sunday, I was DIYing my car's air filter. I would say it was such a good DIY job. Then went to KL for Karaoke. Cop was so cheebye because he's the one who had been challenging us to Karaoke. Then only 3 of us left, me, my bro ikhwan and Efdza the Hemsem. Went to LowYatt and get myself a self made external DVD-CDRW drive. Hemsem bought a lot. He even bought the speaker with the subwoofer.

Monday was such a stupid start too. Stucked in the jam, hen had breakfast in Bank Negara while having some discussion with Mr. Amir, then went out to see Nana, took her to Mid Valley, discussed about a few things, especially on the new business that i'm gonna venture in, New Artist Management, while having lunch at the Secret Recipe restaurant there. I think this is such a kewl business. We even went to Karaoke for an hour at Bangsar before i sent her back to work.

At night, went out with Elly to uptown. Tuesday, had lunch with Romdzi, and i did saw something that really amaze me. There was a small sized, decent looking girl, wearing tudung, who possess a set of breast, which i think the cup should be at least of the 'D' size. It was way too big. As a normal male, i can't stop looking and wondering why can it grows so big?

We were keep talking about it on my way to send him back to his Office. Then i had a meeting with my former boss, Rosli and together we went to Mid Valley. Had sushi and talk about more nonsense then whoever can think of. The later at night was the Futsal Hour!

Wednesday, I was waken up by Nana's call asking me to see her to discuss again. I took her to Kelana Jaya to take stocks for her outlet and unfortunately, we saw this advertisement about the sale by ADIDAS at the Terminal 3! 70% discount. We went there, but i can't find myself a thing to buy, except for Nana, she did buy a lot of things. Had lunch at Kelana Jaya, sent her back and I myself went Serdang.

I took Chili and Elizany out, to a golf club nearby and talked about events that i may participate, in order to promote myself in the vendoring line. At night, my brother, ikhwan went to see me and we went out for a movie. I was tired but, i think i do love my brother so much so why not? We did watched the MYTH, a movie by Jackie Chan and it was fun! We had fun again by doing 2 frames on a snooker table near my house.

Thursday, I went back to JB.


Stupidity :: Caused by the people or the condition/situation?

Dr. Mahathir said in a newspaper today that, Malaysia is a very safe place to live in except for it's road and streets. Malaysia is among the countries with the highest rate of death caused by traffic accidents.

He blamed the drivers with no manners, ethics and no proper skill of driving too.

I agree, but only 39.8%

Because, due to my very own experience, i myself was nearly knocked down a motorbike, just because of a pothole that was not properly done, during a rainy day. Most of the accident also happened caused by people avoided the bad parts of the roads and streets. Even on the PLUS highway, i have to drive slow when i reach the not properly levelled bridge ramps. So bad.

I was nearly hit by the coming from the opposite traffic just because I wanted to avoid a hole left by the cable layers because of the heavy rain.

Luckily i can consider myself a very good driver so I managed to escape the hazardous situation. Alhamdulillah...

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