September 4, 2005

Malu bertanya sesat jalan...

Last nite? I was finding my way to Pasir Gudang Race Circuit for the first time. All those mechanics asked me to go there by myself, and yes, I lost my way but, as a Malay Proverb said,

"Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan"

which means, if u're shy to ask people, then u'll lost your way. I asked a pump attendant at the Projet Petrol Station and actually I lost again by I found the place by accident. Good then.

And the team that I went together with won the 2nd place in their category. Congratulations, as they won just RM300. The car was too powerful till the car won't get moving even with the 2nd gear. And they lost in the final as the result of the car was not moving even an inch for the first 1.7 seconds when they were launched!

Interesting! I don't know but I really feel like I want to take over and do the car launching myself. I know i can do it.. yeah, based on my past experiences in Batu 3 circuit.

Well, it's just history now.

Last thursday, i went up to KL for some urgent matters. My father was having a discussion with someone from Kelantan at Cititel hotel, and I volunteerily offered myself to become his driver. Actually he wanted to drive my car but I don't think it would be a great idea for him to drive my car all by himself because if my car gor problems, I'm the one who knows how to fix it, not him.

In the morning, I woke up and sent my car for servicing the engine lubricants and check for anything that might have gone wrong. I even fix the dropping bumper by myself. Then there we goes to KL. There were me, my father and my sister. We dropped by senawang to drop my sister and to fix anything that might have gone wrong in the house.

Then we proceed with our journey to KL and we reached Mid Valley at around 5 something, went straight the hotel room of my father's friend, went out to Shah Alam and see the friend's daughter, and to take her out together with us.

Yeah I do remember her name, Anis, but I don't remember how does she look. So we went to Alam Sentral and PKNS. The father's friend was fasting, and he was like longing for Curry Dishes, so I remembered the Syed Bistro in Alam Sentral. We were quite in a rush then as it was already 6++ o'clock.

Well then, after sending 'em back to the hotel, I went back and had a nice sleep.

On the Friday Morning, I went off to Klang and met someone there. Then get another person to join Network 21 again. Then my father asked me to come to SS14, then SS2 then sent the father's friend to KLSentral. Then we went straight back to JB as to try to reach in time before the Network 21's business preview that will be starting at 8PM.

That night, after the preview, we went for a drink meeting till late night. My father was mad.

On the saturday morning, I went out to sent my invoice to the sawmills, and then so housechores, sent my to the workshop to change the absorbers. It's the adjustable and now I can drive my car without worries. But it took so long till i only can get back home at 8PM. Then I went to ART Racing workshop and see them preparing the car for the Drag Race.

Then to the drag race. Here's the engine setup, which I believe is a lil bit awkward but it's powerful bro!!

Look at the picture. It has 2 turbines, the HKS radiator CAP with 1.3 psi pressure, err.. and that's all i notice. There's a lot more. It's actually a 2.2 litre engine of a pajero. It was running on a 1.6 BAR boost. No wonder even on the 2nd gear, the wheels were still spinning like mad!

And today, I've actually managed to help my brother Izzat to publish his own blog entitle, THINK ON YOUR OWN . Take a look and help him with his English!

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