August 30, 2005

If u think that u're so unlucky enough....

In my life, I've always been telling myself, if i'm unlucky enuff, there are more people who are much more unlucky that I am.

Let's take a look at this blog..

Tina Zuriana's Blog

So i'm still doing fine, how broke I am, comparing myself to her.

But I've never forgotten to actually compare myself with someone with better life to make my life better. You should too.

Along my life, I've been knowing and being closed to those people with such family problems. Just like tonite, I went out with a girl, at 2.00 am just to tell me her father had a physical fight last night, as it was so horrible when someone started to bleed and she had to call for help from the neighbouring folks.

I felt sorry for her, but imagine u in her shoes. How are you going to face the community if people around u know what is going on in her house. But she's still doing ok. She had been strong for the past 22 years of her life. She was even raped by her uncle. Her uncle even brought his friend to 'share' her. They even raped her 'from behind'. Even the small kids around whispered 'tight ass' when seeing her around.

How do I live with such a situation?

As the community is getting lesser in moral, there are actually people gets annoyed and being the disadvantaged person from all of this. I'm so thankful to be having such a good family, and no matter how bad my father would act based on her irrationality, i'm stil thankful that he's still around.

Imagine one day your father passed away and later u realised that you have nothing to please her.

Now I really appreciate whatever things he had for me. He actually wanted the best for my life. Even though sometimes I really have to sacrifice, I even have to forgot my own pleasing time, as long as it will please my father, that's the best thing ever happen to me.

He had done so much. How am I going to repay? Other father won't simply do that. Some of them were even created a bigger burden to the children. Not my father. He won't give the word 'hardship' a chance to visit one of his children's life.

I used to have a girlfriend, when I was still schooling, which her parents divorced. She was in dilemma as the father's family is of the richer family while her mom is a nurse who lives a normal employee life. There's always been a big pulls of she and her sister as to which family they should reside.

Then, a friend who his father is a drug addict. He was nearly murdered as his father asked for money from him. He had done nothing wrong in his life, but his father treated him in such a way.

And think about those people in Palestin, Iraq, Chechnya, Bosnia...

They lives much harder than whoever of those people who think that they're so unlucky to have a bad life.

So dear Abby, and Tina, if you read this, please be thankful that how hard it is, they are people who live the harder life than you guys do.

* God will not change the destiny of the people unless they did it for themselves

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