August 21, 2005

A unexpected touching moment of Malaysian Idol..

Oh yeah, my blog has been visited more than 40 thousand times already.

The unexpecteds are truly unexpected.

I didn't expect Ash to stay long, as I expected Ejay to leave early and she did. But Ash stayed and pursuing to the next level.

Unexpectedly, Faizul did very bad on the last Friday Spectaculars. He did cried and even Roslan had badly commented on him.

I've never expected that Faizull and Ash would be in the safe zone, as all four male contestants are voted in the top 4 out of 7 contestants.

Obviously, why should I expect the 3 ladies to be voted at the bottom threem especially Nita, who I guess did very well especially this week. So goes Farah and Xerra.

When the 3 ladies were asked to stand for being the bottom three, I prayed that let Farah be the one to leave the competition even my mouth is mentioning Xerra is to leave as I feel so confident that Xerra will leave.

Unexpected by long time ago... Xerra was announced to leave the show...

The Akademi Fantasia sentiments of voting has infected Malaysian Idol. The sentiment to save people they like, instead of voting the person who is performing very well, who deserved to proceed to the next level.

I thought Xerra was strong to face her elimination, but she wasn't. She did cry when she sang for the last time. It's even more pain to the heart when Faizull come forward trying to console Xerra with tears falling down his cheek. Then come Nita.

And I thought I was strong... haha..

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