August 13, 2005


For the whole last week, I've been doing nothing except a ride on a big ferry, from Danga Bay towards Tambak Johor, Back and forth. It took me 2 and a hlaf hours on it.

I was supposed to be having a dinner meeting with a business colleague, which he is then supposed to be having a dinner function on that boat I was mentioning.

So, 'Right-Handed' (langkah kanan is Malay) I was invited to the boat, being a special guest as both of us were taken to the boat by a speed boat. So special we were that we were about to fall into the sea as another boat was pirate-alike boat rode around us very fast.

On the boat, I don't really enjoyed the buffet. My mom insisted me to have dinner at home first. Not really a waste as the food there were not as good as they look. Then we went up for a transvestite show. Boring. And then went back home.

The best thing was, the business discussion only last for 5 minutes, There's nothing actually to be discussed.

So the rest of the whole week, i assume nothing happened because I've forgotten what happened. But as usual, I would stay at home to watch TV.

Who did watch RUBY on TV3? Pasion de Gavilanes on Astro PRIMA? Don't be surprised i followed both stories now. I did watch Soledad's ending as well.

And the tenant for our new house left the house on last Thursday. I went there to clean up the house before leaving to Seremban at night, and drove to Perak the next day. Wasted my whole saturday in seremban and went back to JB on Sunday.

Monday, we started to move things to the new house using my car and my father's. Tuesday was the big day, we moved everything. Wednesday & thursday, busy unpacking things off the box and set the arrangement for the new home.

Everything has been unpacked except for my things. I told my mom later but actually, I'm so lazy to do so...

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