August 29, 2005

Post Weekend Blog...

Whut can I say about the last weekend was..


Then Saturday, me and the whole group of people went to a place name Bukit Jalur in the border of Negeri Sembilan/Melaka, where the engagement ceremony of my cousin will be held.

At first, we get ready, mentally as they previously mentioned that they would require us to follow their 'Adat', which is a human-created culture, created by the Minang people from Indonesia.

I was there, sitting among the old folks of my family; from my Father, my Pak Ungga and Pak Long. My Pak Long was the spokeperson for our family. I was waiting for something, or anything that has got to do with adat.

The fact, there's nothing like adat there. The whole thing was so confusing. The events was not proper, and not also in a proper order as other engagement ceremony that I've attend and get involved in. It's a total of 4 engagements i've get involved in and this is the worst so far I've seen after my brother's engagement, if I want to put them in rank. The first should be mine of course hehe...

So as nothing special, even the doa was recited by my father, which in normal course, the bride side will recite the doa. Then, lunch and time to get back home at Kampung.

After a while in kampung, we then get back to Seremban. Just me & my father, drouve together to Seremban, took bath, dressed up and drive up to KL to meet Bob.

At Bob's house, we discussed about a lotsa things. It's my network 21 business. He's a real stubborn fella. He made a lotsa excuses. I just don't understand, i this matter we are actually trying to help him but why he is so refused to be helped?

He even made a situation where what if one day the manufacturer is being bombed by the Iraqi's people. As Bob is doing his Coconut plantation, shich is not yet showing any result, I asked him what if the waves or tsunami hit your plantation, as his plantation is just by the sea side.

Then we continue our discussion to a restaurant in Ampang. It's a nice Mid-east restaurant which offers mostly kebab and sandwich cuisines. I've forgotten the name but I can't forget what happened there..

As we arrived, I noticed a familiar face, even Bob also noticed 'her'. But it would still be fine as my stomach is empty and need to be filled in. For the first time also, my father tried sisha, and it's with the apple taste.

I think that Bob was just can't get hold of herself and went to the 'girl's' table and say hi. He invited her and her friend to sit at our table but they refused at first.

After the only male at their table left, they joined us. You might have heard of Serena, the daughter of Chef Wan? Yes, she is a hell of a pretty girl. Really pretty I tell you.

So, without wasting a lot of our time, my father has started his marketing talks about the life, travelling, and the best part is when there's an ability to be doing nothing at home and your money is still in.

Serena was positive and very keen about the idea.

I take it as a success, she is happy to sign in and she might be going to the Weekend Leadership Seminar with us.


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