August 23, 2005

A dream with story...

Is life emotional? What about life in dreams. How does dream sometime be mistaken like true?

Last nite i went to bed accidentally, after playing with my handphones, and my contact lenses intact. Then, I woke up again at 4 something and remove my contact lenses and get back to sleep again. While asleep, the body was so itchy. I looked around, yeah, the window was not properly closed. As I'm so sleepy, rather than get my ass of the bed, it's much easier to pull the blanket and proceed with my sleep. Then my touching and memorable dream started...

It was in a season where a lot of people died of the weather. The plants were dangerously edible, a result from acid rains so can u imagine the critical life of the wildlife, no matter where they are, in a forest, desert or sea?

I was travelling in a Proton Saga, driven by Suji, a friend from my school time. It was raining, the weather was mild and a lil bit hazy. The journey was long enough that me and my friend had a long chat along the way will we reach this a very welcoming non-developed old placement where people have nothing than just themselves, so not connected to the outside world. No connecting roads and we've to be there by walking through forests that took us a few days. Don't mention about radio, TV or the Internet!

As we reached there, a few of my other friends were also there. I did notice that my good friends from school, Yasin, Fizam, Adznan were there too. We shaked hands and hug each other as it was so long without seeing each other.

The reason why we were sent to this place was nothing than to help the people living in this placement by sending them the supplies of food and to get them back to a safer place. Not so many people there but obviously there are in a state of poverty. The reason why we cannot come by plane and just drop the supplies was the place is full of sky reaching mountains and we're not taking the risk of flying through the haze.

9 of us then, headed to the place of the placement lead person's house, which is a she. The peope there speak Malay, even though they speak in a way that we hardly understand, it's a relief, rather than to listen to an alien language. I remembered a story about 'hooga', a word replacement for an execution in a tribe placement. Anyone recalled that story?

Here comes the sorrowful and pathetic part of the dream. The people there are so poor, they even have completely nothing to eat. There are so many sick people, with weird diseases. There were all asked to gather in a place to make it easier for us to reach them and treat them.

It become obvious when we didn't hear any crying babies or small kids in that placement. Where are they?

We've treated them well, feed them and just let them rest in the temporary clinic we've set up earlier.

Then now it's time to get these people on feet and take them back with us. The leader did not aware of this intention earlier and she refused!

Then a little argument sparks between her and the rest of the rescue team. She even crying, protecting her decision not to leave the placement. We were whispering among us wondering why she was so stubborn, as we can see nothing that will stop her from doing so.

Later she asked us to follow her to the backside of her house. She lead us to a small house and asked us to open the door and see it by ourselves.

I stepped forward (as usual the hero should be me) and opened the door. Slowly i dip my head in and I was so surprised that there are so many kids inside. Without wait, I broke the door and asked all the others to help me took those kids out.

The placement leader stopped us doing that by simply asked her weaponed men to surround us and aimed their weapon to us. We quit and stand still. The kids come out by themselves and looked at us, terribly poor, hungry and sick.

The leader speaks, "I keep these kids to prevent them from being infected by diseases and to avoid them eating dangerous things they found anywhere. But we're not leaving this placement"

Then one by one of us started to argue things with her. The leader, which i think she does look like Rafidah Aziz, still on her decision to stay and die together with everybody.

Then suddenly, Fizam asked for a voice and said,

"I've a baby child, she looks exactly like that child. She suffered of a weird disease..", he staggered and he started to cry..

"... and she dies because I can do nothing about it. The doctors had no clue and she died as a result of nothing can be done. If i do that again, i'll terribly feel sad and bad about it, even more than how i feel when i lost my baby.."

Fizam is now a responsible father, compared to his playful young age.

I can't take it as my tears all went down fast. Suji hugged me as I can feel his warm tears running over my neck. Omen hugged us...........


Suddenly my mom woke me up for morning prayers. I was dizzy but slowly a tear running down my cheek. I touched my neck and it's wet of tears as well..

What was that....?

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