August 27, 2005

If i could, I would like to......

If I could, I would like to write everything about what's happening in my life here.

But when there are so many things to be written, I'm stucked as I don't know where to start, a state that really shows how disorganised person I am.

There are so many things to be written as there so many things happened too. I tried to have a job but I don't think I can work anymore. I was about to get involved in a manufacturing business, as to continue with my previous business but I really don't think it will suit me well. I can't see anything that I can help with, other than just sit and watching people doing their work.

I even tried to disappear during the worktime, and I'm now trying hard to make them believe that I'm not a good partner, in a sense that I'm not actually interested to be working together with them.

But they still insisted me to go to the office. Just can't get it.

My last resort, I ran away from the office on the Last Thursday. I told them I'm not coming because the night before I was helping my father's friend to do their paperwork. They get upset and asked me to come to the office as soon as possible.

I just ran away, and didn't answer their calls. I hope that works and they won't ask me to work with them anymore.

I'm a person who is so unable to say 'NO'.


My Mom's Birthday

As I was doing nothing at home, everything come and goes just like that. My mom's birthday was on the 17th August, and I've forgotten to mention about it here.

Happy birthday Mak!


Malaysian Idol

Malaysian Idol this week. Nita, as one of the favourite sang badly tonight. Applauses to Faizull, he sang my favourite evergreen song, Don't Cry by Guns. So funny, he has not been able to pronounce the words properly but as I can say, the quality of the contestants this year has dropped a lot, comapred to the previous competition.

Hope faizull will make it. I'm not that really keen to watch Malaysian Idol anymore. It has become another version of Akademi Fantasia.

But maybe I've a theory about why Nita saeng badly. SHE INTENTIONALLY did that as a protest of the elimination of Xerra. Another theory is, maybe she found that people will not vote for her when she sang nicely as people will think she'll be in a safe side but if she sing badly, people will start to vote her to save her from being eliminated.

I don't know, but it might be what was on her mind. I would do the same too, by looking at the voting patterns. But still this week's worst is NITA.


My cousin's engagement

This week, I'm again in seremban and this time my cousin is about to get engaged. Earlier today the whole family went to my kampung for a feast, in conjunction of the engagement ceremony tomorrow.

And i've just paid all my bills today. Yesterday was quite another meaningful day for me.

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