August 20, 2005

Thanks but no thanks...

What does it mean by that?

Thanks, but no, thanks? (refusing)


Thank, but no thanks? (denying the thanking behaviour)

hahaha, just something for yout to think about. Come on guys, make ur brain work at once a week by reading my blog and think about nonsense i proposed here..

My main intention is today, to get some feedback from you guys.

Can someone update me with Malaysian Idols Spectaculars last nite?

And do u know Afdlin Shauki?

And if u do, do u know that Afdlin Shauki has released an Album with the title "FUUYO"

And if u do know, have u seen it in the CD stores around?

If u're not, please go to Afdlin Shauki's Blog and read how you can obtain a copy of Afdlin Shauki's album.

Please support our local artist and do not make copies. Don't support all those pirates who are taking advatnages of other people's efforts!

And thanx to julie for introducing Afdlin's blog to me. I really appreciate it. And u're always my gf

-Fan of Afdlin Shauki no.8-

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