September 9, 2005

Back in JB

It's really good to be back in JB today, after a rushback from Klang, through Subang, NPE, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Sungai Besi till Senawang.

I'm just coming back from KL, attending a 3-day-course in SS14 PJ. It was all about will-writing (something that i might consider as a profession as it is really interesting), to know everything about the will writing, especially the preparations and distribution of the wealth and properties on the way to the afterlife.

My car is a little bit monstrous then, I don't know, it has to be driven really fast to economize on the petrol then. Sounds terribly weird but that's what happening. The petrol gauge was not even moving a lil inch when i was driving 180 al the way from Sungai Besi to Senawang.

So i reached KL on the Monday morning, reaching SS14 and being surprised as I've to be paying more than RM700, not as initially known as RM500 only, but then they've agreed to be paid partially. Then, it really up to my surprise when I was informed that an exam will be conducted at the end of the course.

It was an interesting course. For the first time of my life I've heard about Hibah and Living Trust. I guest, most of us know about the Wasiat (the will) and Wakaf (a gift for the name of Allah), but at this course, I was get to know about the Harta Sepencarian (shared income of husband & wife declaration).

The second day went as usual, except that I woke up a lil bit late, plus there were no parking bay available anywhere in that place so I parked my car in a Park, where a lot of other cars were also parking their cars there. Next to may car was the local council's lorry so I assume there's nothing wrong with parking my car there.

In the afternoon, I realized that I left my vitamins at home so I decided to get home and get the vitamin. When I was walking to my car, my car was already being clamped by the council. I was a lil bit mad. They are around. They scolded me for parking my car there by showing the sign written "CLAMPING ZONE".

Oh shit. I didn't see the sign as it was actually being blocked by the local council's lorry I saw in the morning. I paid the RM50 to unclamp and drove away. Later at night, I followed my friends to their futsal game while studying at the resting area provided. The exam is just the next day.

So, the big day, the exam day was on Wednesday. I slept late at 3 and woke up again at 5.30 to comtinue studying. Come on, i've been paying a lot for this thing and I should do my best. There were two papers, Questions on the first paper, and they give a situation, and fill in he form as the second paper.

After the exam, I went out with Romdzi and talked about a lotsa things! Miss him so much.

At the end of the day, i've got 96% for both papers. AMAZING! After schooling, I've got a 100% just once and my scores were never more than 90% after that.

Happily, I went to Klang and met Nana. We've spent about an hour talking and chatting about what we're gonna be doing for the next 5 years.

Drove to Seremban, took a cab to the bus station and get on the bus at 8PM. I get myself a lil sleep, till in the middle of the hourney I woke up and saw a girl sitting next to me was like uncomfortable.

From there, I offered her to sit by the window and start chatting, She's a siamese and her name is NID. She's pretty, married with a son but left by her husband when her pregnancy was just 4 months old. She was on a t-shirt printing and curtain sewing business, and her business is from Bangkok down to singapore. That's AMAZING! Got her number and I got off the bus when I reached UDA.

On thursday morning, I went out with the hope to be getting my check but eventually it was not being signed yet. Shit. I have only RM900 in the bank and how am I suppose to be surviving for the next few days? I'll be going to Indonesia tomorrow, and back to Seremban/Melaka on saturday and might be going to Perak on Monday. Oh I'm getting busier. Tiring -sigh-

At night, I went out to Pelangi and shopped at the Cold Storage. Wow! What I would say is it's the heaven of food! I've shopped there but I never noticed the varietes of food that I would never found in other places like giant, tesco, carrefour, or any other supermarkets except for Jaya Jusco.

They even sell Baskin Robbins & Haagen Dasz. Got the white onion, purple onion.. I might sound so kampung but really I haven't ever see such things before. You know what, two of the purple onion already cost me RM8++. 2 of the white onion cost me RM5++. Expensive!!!

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