October 5, 2005

Reports.. hehehehe

Saturday 4.30 AM :: I was being woken up by my mother. Going to Holiday Villa Subang to attend a seminar. Met with Dr. Aziz and i also met Sarawak, a friend who was one of my best soccer colleagues when i was in the college. Went for lunch in Thai cuisine restaurant in Taipan USJ and later went to Low Yat plaza to buy my sister a laptop..

I bought her a laptop with the spec below :-

Processor :: Intel Centrino M-1.3 GHz
RAM :: 256 MB
Hard Disk :: 40 GB.
Infra Red, DVD-ROM, everything was standard..

I took it, with the price of RM1950. GOOD DEAL isn't it? Hahahahaha...!

Sunday, get back to JB, and rest myself.


I was forced to get up early when my father called me up and asked me to join him having breakfast at the back of Hyatt Hotel. I met Mustapha and Liszam there.

Mustapha asked me to meet around 12 o'clock at UDA. I was waiting like an asshole idiot. Waited until 1 o'clock then i went back home, took my lunch and drive to Gelang Patah, meeting Lizam there. Both of us switched to a Perodua Kembara and started our journey to his Mangrove Logging Collection area.

The logs of mangrove (BAKAU in malay)

The various species of the mangrove.

After having a cup of Tongkat Ali Coffee, I was then taken to a quite a remote place called Tanjung Kupang. We drove through villages, and i saw a Syahbandar operational station there. As Lizam was driving, he asked me, whether i still got time or not... I said, I'm fine!

He turned the car into some bushy manmade road through some cleared mangrove area, and he keep driving until we reached this area when i say..


This is beautiful. I was like magically charmed on the beautiness of this gift of god. I was like staring the scenery without listening to Lizam for about 15-20 minutes before i say, "BANG, NI BEST NI BANG...!"

I was thinking of building up a small house, by the river like in the picture above to make myself a chalet to come and do my leisure activities like sleeping, eating, playing music or fishing in here. It was a very nice and peaceful scenery, the only thing of such to be happening to me this year.

On the way back, i managed to take pictures of this one creatures, which of the monkey family. It's of somekind of weird behaved monkey species, where they liked female human, they'll chase female human while m*st*rb*t*ng, but they'll hit male human as they consider human males as their competitor, this as told by Lizam, if he lied, then i lied to you too, Wallahu'alam..

Then I went to his office and chit chat till late 9PM before i went back home...

I really enjoyed the day...

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