October 9, 2005

Can u answer this question?

There's a big organization that is looking for a male candidate to fill up a very important vacancy. They only ask this question in the written test to all the 3000 candidates.

"U're riding on a motorbike in the middle of one very dark night and it was heavily raining in a place that was just had been attacked by a sudden flood. The government could only afford a bus to transfer the people to the safer sites."

"But when you're passing through a bus stop, you see the last three person in that place that is yet being transferred, and waiting for the incoming bus, if there is. They are,

1. A sick granma.
2. A doctor who can save people and also who had been helping you with your health all this while.
3. A girl who you've been longing to be with, she's the dream love of your life."

"Considering all these 3 people are in the need of help, you are given an option to take only one person to go with you. There's a few consideration for you to make your decision."

"The old sick granny is the one you should help since she's sick but old people are always sick, and how long she can still survive if you save her. While the rest of the people may live longer."

"But the doctor is of course someone who had been helping u and of course, this is the time to payback. He is possible to help a lot of other people with his doctorate and medicinal skills, but payback can be done at any other time, and there are maybe a lot more doctors out there to help other people. But do we still have any other chance to do that at any other time if the doctor is still alive?"

"That is the girl you have been dreaming of, all this while, if you tend to let this opportunity to go, you will no longer have a chance to do this at any other time, considering she might not be able to survive. So what is your decision based on your consideration? Want to consider all or just one of it"

There's only one candidate who manage to be employed by the organization.

What would be his answer?

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