October 23, 2005

Iftar with Afdlin Shauki..

From left; Nina, Anne and I don't know her name Sigh. Been so busy and lazy to sit on the Internet to update my blog, especially on my recent activites. Been back to JB since Friday and was busy doing this and that.

On the last Thursday, I was busy sending hampers to my aunt's customers, together with my uncle driving through the whole KL, from the town, goes to Bandar Tasik Selatan, Ampang, Gombak and Shah Alam.

Despite of the tight schedule, I still manage to attend the planned Iftar with Afdlin Shauki at NZ curry house in Wangsa Maju, which is very near to his office there. Being simple, I ordered nasi kandar ayam which is quite a lot enough to stuff my hungry stomach. We were actually stucked quite sometime in the restaurant, especially during the primetime news, as it was specifically covering the news of Datin Seri Endon who passed away earlier in the morning.

Me and cuki was listening to some explanation After sometimes, we were then taken to his office, the next lot upstair. He has quite a simple office and to tell ya, he is a star wars maniac. He is having a lot of star wars stuffs, not only at his cubicle, he allocated a small room just to put all his toys too. When I was there, i was actually thinking that, the reason why he gotta put all his stuffs there was because of his two naughty daughters, Mia and Anais at home. So no wonder! You can clearly see his office is full with posters and all other art works.

Me and ShimaThere were actually 9 of kodokians (the name given by Afdlin Shauki to all his blog fans. During the iftar, there were also his wife, Christina and his personal Assistant, Shima (the picture beside). I haven't talk a lot with Christina, but since me, Nina and Lego were sitting around Shima, we had a long chat, and i noticed he was actually quite interested to chat with Lego. Lucky Lego!. Well, I was hoping that Afdlin's both daughter would be around so that i can see how naughty they are, and should have taken some pictures of them too. Shima's energetic, helpful and humble. She even helped me when there was something wrong with my car's alarm remote. I was worrying like hell of how am I going to lock my car that nite. Manual locking is worryingly dangerous.

Shaking hands with Afdlin at the end of the meetup. I looked slim though!We were first taken to tour the whole office. Taken to his cubicle, his store room, then to his recording Studio. It was nicely prepped, sound proofed with a dissymmetrical design for anti-resonance purpose, MDF flooring and what I was very amazed about was the Digital Mixer, that was there. Every single system was using Macintosch. I'm dreaming to have one but I'm not really a digital art geek even though I'm very keen to be one.

Highlighted, Me & legoThen we were taken to his video editing room, which he has showed a lot of his work. It really shows how important an artist with knowledge is. Afdlin Shauki is a know-how person in this industry. Music arrangements, recording stuffs, video composing and editing, ideas... he's amazing. We managed to see the trailers he made for the promotion of BULI BALIK, funny stuffs. A 'Mesti Tonton' film (a must see).

For more pictures, I would recommend to visit Nina's Blog as she did attend the next Iftar on the Saturday, which was held in Sri Hartamas, and joined Afdlin Shauki doing his charity show somewhere near Selayang.

If I could, I would love to join 'em but.....

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