October 11, 2005

I'm in KL

Yeah, surrogate is hired as he answered :

1. give the motorbike key to the doctor and ask him to take the granma off. Objective 1&2 accomplished.

2. stay with the girl for once in a lifetime opportunity to be with someone u love. Objective 3 accomplished.

He has got the right answer, yeah Jita, even though I'm not the dream guy of the girl, that is the only opportunity for me to get to be together with her.

The reason why he is hired is because, he puts everything into consideration without fail. Consideration of the old granma, of the doctor and of the girl is all taken into account.

The main point is, how do we make decision. There are things that we've to sacrifice in order to fulfill almost everything that is needed. Decision is a result of to get the objective accomplished.


Kuih Raya

I'm selling kuih raya. I have 11 different cookies and cakes to be offered. I might be quite late to do so but i believe there's still market than i can cater.

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