October 29, 2005

AFK (Away from keyboard)

I wasn't actually away from keyboard, it's just that I wasn't updating the blog as often as before, as I was running a few DIY projects at home.

Project A (Bathroom)

When I was in KL, as me and Bob together went for shopping at Mid Valley, he bought the racking, just like in the picture and he did put it in his bathroom. Of course his bathroom is much a lot more cozy and better then mine, but at least I want to make my bathroom a lil bit comfy as well. I've also put a framed drawing, the wall clock, and some stainless steel gadgets for towels and others too. So on Tuesday, I went to Jaya Jusco at Taman Universiti JB and bought a few things, including this racking and another acking that I put in my room. The night after, I went to Plaza Pelangi to buy a few more things, especially the fancy coloured tissue (the third compartment from the top), and the framed drawing. I did bought the warm white bulb for lighting as well. The rack I bought at only RM21++. The stainless steel bars for towels were bought at RM25++. Other stainless steel holders I bought in a set, altogether was RM25++. The Pot Pourri, RM3 and the fancy tissues RM0.50 each. The framed drawing was bought at RM10. Wall clock priced at RM6++.

Project B (Room & Office)

My bedroom was a real dull, boring and store look-a-like room. This is because my room is the only room at the lower floor of my house, so everyone tend to put every of their daily things in my room causing my room being filled up with a lotsa things. I think that it's actually space management. As there was no proper storage or racking, everything has been placed on the floor, resulting sometimes they could not find where did they put their things, especially my forgetful father. I decided to buy a put racks near my bed and a bedside table, which is replacing the function of a printer box that i used to make a bedside table before. So the left rack i bought at only Rm25++, the right rack was RM15++, the bedside table was RM29++, Pepsi Alarm Clock at RM5.90, a small framed drawing at RM5 and a pair of pillow cover at RM20. Cheapos. But for me, cheap is good! I did bought another rack with compartment which I only put it on the floor. It was too heavy for me to hold and to drill the whole for the screws. It was all in black and cost me only RM15! Another cheapos!

I hate bright lights at bedrooms. It kills the mood to get to bed. The lighting at the bedroom should be dimly warm. I used a small and modified bed lamp, changed the bulb to a bigger capacity bulb and put it on my left racking (as in the the picture above). It was bright but as it was sitting on the racking, it was halfly covered by the rack so the light won't directly strike on my bed, especially on the head side. That was a damaged bedside lamp so I just buy the socket, the wire and the bulb, cost me less then RM10. It gives me a super feeling of sleepy everytime I'm on my bed. ~yawn~

At the other side of my bedroom, is my office. Previously, the table was full of other things, which i cannot properly manage as there was no space to put them. As I've bought all the rackings, the table was nearly cleared, except for things for me to do work such as the laptop, printer, modem, external CD-RW (cheapo also, cost me only RM200++ to build up), stationeries and another bed lamp. I purposely put it there to give the bedroom a better warm lighting. Gives you the cozy feeling all the time. I've forgotten to mention that I also bought a persian carpet, 280cmx280cm at the cost of RM80, so now I can always nap on the floor.Even my father also loves to 'lepak' in my room nowadays. The bed lamp on the table cost me only RM20.

With a total cost of not more than RM350, i changed everything in my room, office and bathroom.

Project C (Designing of my other blog)

I've been longing to do this since a very long time ago. I want have my own hub of my own webrings, of my own websites, for example, my two blogs, my resume page, my kuih page, internet profiles pages and maybe my company's (or companies hehe) page. I like doing designs. Design for websites (even though I'm not an expert, but i'd love to do it), design for home interior, design for cars (and I cannot complete my car's modification due to money hehe), and landscaping. But as it worth the look, all cost a lotta money, except for website design, unless you ask other people to do it for you.

I make use of a lot of CSS for the design. I don't fancy a lot of javascript and flash. My ultimate goal is to reduce loading time, even though people are now having high bandwidth connections, having a very much simple and light website is very convenient, especially when my broadband connection f*cked up. Lately, STREAMYX is slow like hell, much slower than the dial up. I don't have any idea what the people is doing with their streamyx connection. Maybe they're downloading the whole CD of Lagu Raya.


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