October 26, 2005

Raya in a week!

I've been off the Net quite often, especially yesterday, I wasn't even touched my laptop. I was rushing off to JB on the Friday afternoon, together with Bob and his son. When we arrived, it was already Maghrib. We straightaway get into the house and took the dinner. And still, we had to send the hampers, the rest of the hampers that was sent in KL, only three of them.

The day after, I went to the Coconut plantation near desaru to see what was happening. I've not been there for quite sometimes. The plantation were as cool as usual. There are a lot of 'empty slots' caused by the wild boars and even elephants. We've just completed the fencing around the whole 100 acres of plantation. I took some stupid challenge to get by the seaside through the woods. Will update with the pictures later!

Going through the wood


The next day, I was thinking of setting up another blog with a smooth design, for my Malay blogging purpose. Was surfing the Net looking for ideas and infos' but it was all blank. I can't think of anything or find something to start my work off. On Monday night, most of the Afdlin's fan were online and we had a conference. Then Afdlin called me from Yokohama, Japan. We talked for quite sometimes and hanged up. I continued my search for design to be working with.

And i managed to set up the archive of my tblog entries too. Check for TBLOG ARCHIVOS on the left hand side of this blog.

Tuesday was a full day working for me. Another reason for not being on the Net. I was busy on my work until my indonesian buddy worker appeared at my doorstep, I asked him to help me to do the renovatiom of my room and my bathroom!

So currently I'm doing it! That's why i wasn't online! Yesterday i went to Jaya Jusco and buy a few things. Today again with my Mom, to Jusco and also Giant.

Spent a few hundreds yesterday and today! -sigh-

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