October 16, 2005

A Hazy Sunday Morning..

One of the thing that i hate most to see,

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Duh, but it does not work for me any longer now, as I was just about to visit tblog's friends. Alright, back to my biz...

Most people listen to and even memorized the lyrics of most the songs they know or listen to, but I don't. It simply describes me as someone who never take every single major thing into account. I've been complaining about girls, who always make their life and other life's harder by considering those small-small things around them, but it's just the way of thinking.

For instance, why do i listen to Kelly Clarkson. Most people says that her songs were quite edible to the ears but for me, I just want to listen to her voice, doesn't matter whether the song is good or instead. Why do i have Siti Nurhaliza songs in my MP3 cds? I have quite an awkward reasons like the musical arrangements are so good, so that it will make my 'In Car Entertainment' (ICE) system sounds really good too! I'm not shy to admit sometimes my tears running out when listening to how good Siti or Jamal pull their throat to take the high pitches. Not to mention when Steve Tyler push his voice in the 'Dream On' song, a lot of people will see me screaming like hell in the car! I'm about to imitate his!

But today, i've read on someone who was singing his songs towards his dispute on the injustice that he had gone through. That has even changed his perspective of life and worse, it does affect his relationship with her beloved girlfriend. I was all started when I made my usual visit to LimKitSiang's Blog this morning, when he read about the post about Drug Bust Jails 22 Innocents and expressed his empathy through his blog. I myself was in shock (if what this guy wrote is true) and i would imagine myself be in the same way if i was treated the same way he described in his blog.

Totally pathetic!

Then I visited Tina's blog, as usual i'm expecting a directly-from-heart spill of words about her feelings, which had made her blog to be one of my favourite, even though she always regard them as crap, disregarding my non-busy body type of personality, i think i do have a lil bit of it. That's why i keep hopping from a blog another blog just to get to know what's happening around me.

I visited Malique's Blog, where he stated about Siti Nurhaliza (wah, I'm getting fanatical now huh???) gonne recite the al-Quran's verses on a TV program. Earlier in his blog, he did mention about the mysterious Datuk 'K', and the last picture of Datuk 'K', i think he put his own picture.. in a pathetic but hillarious way. I should have done that too...!

Sultan Muzaffar (SM) was covering the new AF3 student's Raya album, and as usual he has got a lot of comments from people. I did put a comment on people who were so emotionally manipulative, simply by mentioning a few things sarcastically or jokingly. I agree with SM about this one stupid but hilarrious question, does Mawi has any idea about what email is?

I was amazed by the touch of TV Smith's Dua Sen on the picture he put on one of his page. A combination of the mosque's beautiness, the people who were walking in to it and the person who were sitting doing nothing, just by the steps of the mosque, in the holy month of Ramadhan. Ida had copied the whole article of the price increment of the controlled item in the market due to the festivities. This year, we still have the Raya together with Deepavali. It has always been like this for the past i guess 10 years. From GongXi-Raya, then Raya-NewYear, X'mas-Raya, and Deepa-Raya. A very festiveful country I would say.

Another best thing that happens today is that I found Jita's Blog. She mentioned about one of her hillarious experience in the month of Ramadhan. I think everyone got their very own experience in the month of Ramadhan. I have 'em too. A lot! Will let u people know about it later.

But the best thing i've ever seen this morning is the picture next to this. (I saw it on my newspaper but i had sense that they putit on the web as well, so here it is, courtesy of Utusan Malaysia). You can read more about it at this page. It is all about love. Even such a young baby like this can show his courtesy to help to feed her mom, as they're among the victim of the earthquake in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. As an update, in Pakistan itself, about 38,000 is confirmed dead, while in Kashmir, india, the number of death increased to estimatedly about 1,300. I'm so touched! Lovely..!

I'm about to off to Seremban at 3.00 pm. It's raining non-stop, and i'm quite a yawner due to the sleepy weather. Comment je souhaite, je suis toujours avec mon ancien amoureux. Je suis encore fou profondément dans l'amour avec elle et je m'ennuie d'elle tellement.

Je suis si seul.

vôtre isolé

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