October 6, 2005

Selamat Berpuasa (Happy Ramadhan)

Why am I so lazy to post a blog entry nowadays. I've been keeping all the information to be posted in my mind till it makes me wait and wait and wait.. over and over the time.

I've been planning to post an entry since Monday, which is the night of the first night of Solat Tarawikh. I was getting so much smses, wishing me Happy Ramadhan, happy Fasting and even Happy Raya...!

In this blog, I would like to address my thanx and Selamat berpuasa to the following :-

Ezlin from KL, Nira from Tg. Pinang Indonesia, Nina from Bandung Indonesia, Diana from Skudai JB, Chat Mat Amway from KL, Vijay Amway from KL, Khairina Amway from JB, Ailina from KL, Lisa Zahim from KL, Laila Yusof from Senawang, Ayu from JB, Celcom staffs in Jalan Semarak KL (too many of them), Ila from UTMJB (who wished me Selamat Raya), Monalisa from Mutiara Rini JB, Elly from KL, Lina from KL, Lynn from Taman Pelangi JB, Julie from Serdang KL, Tobiaq from USJ, Kak Sid from KL, Kak Zila from Labuan, Sazuan Nazrah of Shah Alam, Rita Cute from KL, Auntie Mak Farhan from Seremban and Rashnain from JB.

The names are not in particular order, i just check my phone and write down the names who i found with the wishes. Thanx a lot to all of you, and for those unlisted, i hope u've got my reply thru SMS.

And those are the sms that i've not yet deleted, and maybe not being replied yet. Most of them had been deleted once i replied. Can't manage 1000s of SMS (like suzie's handphone, wow).


First night of Tarawikh

The kids were making big noise at the back of the jemaah. The parents should be taking responsible of their own kids. I'd prefer doing it at home.

After tarawikh, i intended to try a Roti John that was sold nearby myhouse. I asked my bro to buy 3 piece (a piece cost me RM3). It was marvellous!! Never tried such a good Roti John as good as that.

First day of Puasa in 2005

Early in the morning, i was waken up by my mom, asking me to see outside what's happening to my father's car. He accidentally hit the car in front and the car infront hit another car in front. All happened just in front of my house.

The bad thing was, my father's volkswagon was the worst damaged (i think this is freakin weird), compared to the kancil in front and volvo, the other car. So, the only car available is mine. My mom's accord sent to workshop, for some minor repairing.

My car is the only car available. Since morning, sent my parent to buy groceries, then sent my father's car to workshop, met the Proton's salesperson, as my mother is gonna get a Waja (and even he's a proton salesman, he's driving a Honda Stream, he's making a lot of money man..)

Then sent my car for some repairing. Was there since 1.30 to 5.30 then rushed to Stulang Laut to fetch 3 Indonesian workers. Then get back home for Fast breaking.



Actually, for the last 2-3 days, the reason why i was not blogging is because i was busy diong sites visits. Not in the real world, but i was visiting fella bloggers blogs.

When i'm going to post, there's so much barriers. And at the same time, i bought myself a CD writer, but i was still figuring out what am I supposed to be doing with it. I wanted to burn MP3s but then i don't know, i just lost in space.

There are two categories of bloggers that i want to emphasize, (there are maybe more categories but for today, only 2).

One category is bloggers who busy reading other blogs till he/she forgotten to reply to his own comments in his blog. That's me.

Another category is bloggers who were so busy reading comments on their own blog till he got not so much time to read other people blog. This is Sultan Muzaffar. Hehe..

Just kidding.

Well, i've been sitting here since morning. What a waste of time. Gonna bathe myself and do something serious..

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