October 15, 2005

A long post after a long break.


I might consider this as my first post of this blog. The previous blog was only meant for testis, ops, testing purpose.

I took me quite sometimes to recreate the whole web page. Including all the time i've to spend to retype whatever things that i lost, due to my stupidity not to save the changes after preview by previews. I will be transferring all my previous post to be hosted somewhere so that we can have a link from this page direct to those old posts.

I was in KL since Sunday. Went to 'berbuka puasa' with Hemsem and Abby, then had a futsal game later at night. Monday, I went to a work interview in Uptown, which require me to work at night (yummy) and they are willing to pay me really high for that job. Later, I've spent most of the rest of the day with Bob and went to PJ, in the evening, for a Majlis Berbuka Puasa with As-Salihin.

Later @ night, I went to see Bonny, we went to al-Rawsha and Bob joined us a lil bit later. Tuesday, I went to putrajaya with Bob, went to the Prime Minister's office, wanting to Datuk Osman Desa, but instead, we leave the proposal to the secretary, whom happened to be someone I knew very well. She's Molina, an old friend. Well, she helped a lot in submitting out proposal. I've to give something back to her :)

After settling our matter with the Prime Minister's office, I drove to all over my ex offices to give people the sample of the kuih and cookies. Then went to PJ, as BOB is doing his teeth and later dropped him off at Taman Desa and he went back. I cleaned up and drove back to KL to fetch Eowyn and took her to al-Rawsha for Berbuka Puasa. Later we went for a movie. Sent her back. Wednesday, I did nothing, except for attending the continued interview of the previous one, went to Bangi, and berbuka puasa with Bob, we had a very nice dishes freshly cooked. Later at night, went to KLCC and went out with Eowyn again.

Thursday, drove back to KL, dropped by at Seremban, took Ina along and arrived at JB at 3 plus. Watched TV and slept. Friday do nothing, woke up late and work on this blog.

This post I would consider a warming up blog. At this hour, 3:45 A.M, I think I'm retarded enough to do anything stupid.

Anyway, i'm thankful that I'm still able to play around with the HTML. Now i know why people took so long to customize their blogspot template.

That's all folks,

Yours Retardedly,


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