October 7, 2005

So many things inside my head.

An accident today

Well, today I just witnessed an accident that happened just in front of my eyes, when I was on my way to the mosque for the Jumaat Prayer. A Perodua Kancil hit a motorcyclist. That motorcyclist is wearing a praying outfit but he's heading towards the opposite direction towards the mosque. The Kancil, who is believed going to the mosque, take a right turn to park his car, maybe he was in a hurry as the prayers was just about to start in anytime.

The question is, where the motorcyclist was heading to when the prayer is about to start? Allah is so fair that he shows his punishment just like that. You don't to go to the prayers, NAH, u'll get hit by a car.

And guess what, i think the motorcyclist doesn't have a valid license, he collaborated all his friends maybe to face the Kancil driver after the prayer.

Maybe he's safe now, but who knows later..

My worries of my neighbourhood safety

Yesterday morning, when I was about to send my brother to school, he realized that his newly bought pair of shoes was stolen. I didn't realize that my old pair of admiral futsal shoes was also taken. This is seriously a serious matter.

In front of my house, there is a playground, which is full of kids during the playtime, around 5-7 PM. everyday.

Surprisingly, it was crowded at night also. For what reason I would never know. I would see that those are school kids. And worse, at night they all gathered there, parked their motorbike and make noise, which is seriously threatening the neighbourhood's safety.

No one is taking action. I myself do not know what todo. Those kids are MALAY kids.

Lim Kit Siang

Haaa, don't be surprised. It's all caused by the issue of AP that was hotly being discussed in the parliament. I myself took part in the discussion in his blog. I've made a long comment in the commentary section of his today's post.

The funniest part is that someone referred UMNO not as United Malay National Organisation but as


which i think is obviously correct. Not to offense anyone, but I just can't stand it anymore.

But I'm really not going to offense anyone on this, i just read on people's opinion and i think I've the right to agree or not to agree of what people said. I disagreed on some foreign commentors who was so daring to comment on out parliament. Can read about my comment in here.

Kuih Raya

I'm selling kuih raya, which taste really good, very nice and packed in a way that you won't eat the kuih because the packaging, we can just add a ribbon and a wish card, it's already a very good present, at a very low price.

Gonna put some pictures, maybe today or tomorrow.

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