October 17, 2005

A moment before i left...

Yesterday, when I was driving from JB to KL, it was heavily raining, the road was slippery, all of the vehicles were moving slowly, so slow till i was so scared to hit the brake pedal. The distance between each vehicle was quite too shorty.

Cruising at normal speed (110 km/h, I cannot drive too fast, it's too dangerous), I was cruising carefully as to ensure no car would be driving too close to me. Suddenly, I saw a monkey jumped by the side of the highway.

I asked my sister, "Can u see a monkey there?"

I wasn't even finished asking, suddenly, that very small monkey jumped forward and in no time...

"Prahck.. tang tung dush dush.. crackk"

I had to hit the monkey, for a reason; if i did an emergency brake, i'm pretty sure the Proton Waja behind me will hit me too, and if it happens, the big lorry behind the waja will hit both of us. And for a sure thing, I won't sacrifice the life of me, my sister and the whole family in that Waja just to save that very little stupid monkey.

I could even hear my right rear tyre crushing the monkey's head. I feel so badly cruel then.

"Tula, sape suruh lompat, kan dah kena langgar..!"

(Who asked u to jump, now u're being hit by me)

* this is intended to relieve my guilty feeling.. hahaha...

Now we're back to business, yesterday, i managed to drive from JB to KL, noted at a total of 331 km of distance, consuming only half of my fuel. Superb performance for quite a fast car like my car haha. And today, i went shopping with my Uncle Bob to Mid Valley. There's a lot of things we bought, especially for his toilet.. He wanted the toilet to be his dream toilet. We should be able to even sleep in it.

Anyway, the most important thing I wanted to share today is about a blog of someone, who is no longer alive. The blog is full of love, till we can feel the love that still remain in the hearts of the people living around her, I mean while she was still alive. It's tragical, as tragic as what we can only read in novels, love stories, which ended by a sudden death of one of them, not so long after a moment that I would consider as one of the happiest moment in someone's life.

I myself had been facing such losing a loved one, even she's still alive, but the feeling is there, and to lose someone is the worst feeling i've ever felt.

Imagine u lose someone u love, someone who u're about to get married with, u were happily engaged with her, and she suddenly died. (I don't know what was the reason). Even how macho I am, I wasn't able to stop my tears to wet my lap. It's the saddest real love story i've ever known.

Time to experience for yourself. Her blog, http://arfaadriana.blogspot.com, and if u care enough to find out, look out for her boyfriend's page too, it's there..

Je suis mal dans la douleur,


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