October 18, 2005

Shopping of Festival OR Festival of Shopping?

70% discount!

50% discount!

at least 20% or 10% discount!

I was just came back from mid Valley. Either in Jaya Jusco or MetroJaya, sales is in everywhere. Me and Bob bought a lot of things! I myself bought 3 pairs of shoes hahaha. How come i become a shoe maniac?

"Rugi tak datang sini," said one makcik that I interviewed, which in a way means that, u'll miss a lot of things if you don't come here.

Anyway, i bluffed. Who's gonna interview someone else when I myself was busy looking at things (and also chickies) in the Mid Valley.

Oh yeah, I also met Marina, she looks a lil thin, and she thinks that I'm thin too. Haha. That's a true Illutional Optic Tricks by me. How come I look thinner when my weight is reaching 70 kg?

What? You don't know where mid Valley is? Dig yourself a hole and bury yourself alive in it.

I bought: A pair of body glove pants, 3 pairs of shoes, hush puppies socks, t-shirts and shirts.

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