October 19, 2005

Want to Berbuka with Afdlin Shauki?

Do you want to join berbuka with Afdlin Shauki? If you are so, please read the following post.

A few people, including Nina, kak Zuni, my sister and others were asking, what and why with the Miyake name. Kak Zuni has already relating the Miyake's name to Ida's Takuya name, which in fact has got nothing to do at all with Ida.

Well, i should have mention somewhere that i am truly in love with Issey Miyake Ginger, a perfume that Eric, a friend of mine had bought for me from the UK, which i'd been using it for the last 3 years. I love it so much till it come to my mind when i was about to think of the name for this blog. Izham, taken, slash, taken. Izham-Miyake? Not taken, so i decided to use the name.

And just to note, Siti Nurhaliza's birthday is 11 January 1979, she's 2 years younger and she's damn pretty rich! Mine is on 23 January, 12 days after hers, so maybe i have to wait for another 12 days or 12 months or even 12 years to become rich also.. hahaha!

Before i log off, the berbuka puasa with Afdlin Shauki is as the following:

Venue :: NZ Curry House, WangsaMaju, KL
Date :: Thursday, 20 September 2005
Time :: 6PM upwards.
Attire :: A black cap or black songkok, the rest up to u.

Any problem getting there, need direction, need help, just anything, just call me up. No problem! The numbers are at the right sidebar, so if u wanna come, there's no such thing that i don't know how to come! hehe..

All food consumed is on the house (Afdlin Shauki will treat everyone who come)

There's another berbuka puasa event with Ako Mustapha on the 26th October at Juara Tomyam (I don't know where the hell is Juara Tomyam exactly, but it's somewhere in Kg. Baru). I was invited too but I think I can't make it.

Another berbuka puasa event with Afdlin Shauki would be on this Saturday, somewhere in Desa Hartamas. Everyone invited. Any update about it will be posted here.


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