July 24, 2005

This week on slash-dot-t-blog

After fishing, I was supposed to be going back to JB but I was asked to stay in Seremban as my father is coming.

So it was another day in Seremban, which the whole day I spent on the Internet, doing nothing. It was like heaven. For me, Internet was really like heaven. Anything I would wanted for, are there, even not every single thing. My life and Internet was something like unbreakable.

But for the past 5 days. I was Internet-Less. So no update to the blog as well.

Then, and the last Tuesday, I went up to KL, and managed to play Futsal for the first time in 2005. I was dying. It was really tiring and I can't even lift my legs. Towards the end, I'm getting better and managed to score 2 goals.

That's what we call a "STRIKER", whom I used to be..

So later that nite, I went off to Bukit Bintang and stayed at a hotel there with my father and his friend, Amir. The next day, I was stay in the hotel room, watching TV. Then had lunch at the ship before we made a move back to Seremban and back to JB, on Wednesday.

So for Thursday Friday, I was just at home, doing nothing than watching TV.

And last nite, the last workshop for Malaysian Idol, where I was hoping that Adam will be picked by the judges, even though he was not doing as well as when he was contesting himself in the earlier workshop.

And tonite, Akma was voted out when other people like Yazer or Kefli who were more eligible to be voted out, survived and stay for another week at least.

Tomorrow, the family of my sister's boyfriend will be coming for a discreet pre-engagement discussion to discuss on the wedding thingy, so there's a lot to be talked about tomorrow, not forgetting about all the food that we have to prepare.

And julie has just denying the fact that people are actually giving more attention towards Mawi, instead of not giving him a single chance to make a mistake. For me, it's good that everyone is deeply care about every single mistake that he did. Everyone gives more attention to him, so that everyone can't afford to let him make a mistake, so that's why other contestant was not given such a care. So it's good for him right? If I'm Mawi, I would be so happy that every loves me so much.

But people are so stupid to look at it negatively by thinking that people are so jealous of his popularity, and tried to condemn him in anyway we could. That's very wrong.

Am tired, gotta sleep now..

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