July 8, 2005

London Blast...!

London was still in the festive mood celebrating their achievement for hosting the 2012 Olympic, 7 years from now.

Not even 24 hours after, London was again mentioned in the news, but this time they were startled by the blasts of 6 tube stations and 3 buses.

And simply they accused the Muslim Fundamental terrorist for doing the act, based on certain assumptions and clues, without any concrete facts and proof.

What's happening with the the so called 1ST NATIONS who were said to be more civilised and modern. They simply turned back to their time of ignorance back in the centuries of Kingdoms before the modern parliament took over.

As they would simply accused people and execute the punishment before any trial. If there are any, it would be so unfair.

And why would the so said Muslim Fundamental Terrorists to attack so little people, and why this time it was not even reported in their custom website. And why it happened just after London was announced as the Host for 2012 Olympic? What are the connection of the London Folks to all the unfairness of terrorized war in the whole world? They were not the people who decide whether England should be sending their troops to IRAQ?

And being a terrorist, why should I attack the people while I can actually attack those leaders who caused all those riots and havocs, just at the upper north of England?

My point is, I don't think it was done by the muslim fundamental terrorist.

The blast must have been done by those who were unhappy by the decision to make London the host for 2005's Olympic.

And to feel better, they simply blame Muslim Terrorist.

As simple as that?

(I pray for anyone I know in Britain to be safe)

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