July 8, 2005

Akademi Fantasia 3 (AF3) :: Stupidly Hotter

It's shameful, as the whole AF3 Diary aired on Astro Ria yesterday was all about Amylea crying like my 7 years old sister.

No matter whut, I'm crazed to listen to her singing (as I'm actually 'listenin' to AF concerts, not watchin 'em).

And all this while everyone in that bungalow had the same feelings towards Amylea.

To despise her, for being such a show off and nuisance towards the others.

And I repulsively fed up with her when she unnoticedly demanded to be getting an award for International Artiste in a dummy grammy award ceremony in the English class.

I don't see in anyway that her English is good enuff though. Mine too.

I love her singing no matter what other people were saying about her. She just got the right pitch and tone. Even her dictions were bad though.

I'm not so urged to write about the Akademi Fantasia anyway as there are so many other blogs out there were writing about it. Not just writing but a complete coverage of what's going on.

As a result oriented person, I'm the kind who would like to watch and see. Not to be really updated by every single scene of AF like some people, who are now living their life for AF.

AFUNDI, chat@15, surfing every single blog about AF, joining the Mailing list of each of AF contestants, subscribing to AFExtra, those AF maniacs, I salute them all for being so devoted for I would say, a lil bit of a waste.

Of their time, money and energy. Which these 3 elements are actually can be spent into other better things.

And even me was spending my precious time today just to speak out what I felt about these nonsense.

Hahaha.. amylea amylea..

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