July 18, 2005

The joy of fishing....!

Can you see how I'm smiling there?

I thought I was late when I woke up again at 5.00 of my watch. I was first waken up by 4.30 by my 20-minutes-early handphone time. When I reached Projet Senawang at around 5.10, then I only knew that Rosli were just made his move from Bangi few minutes ago. Pity my sister as she has to wait with me at the gas station.

I think he arrived at around 5.40 AM that Sunday morning. Together with Syahril, we started our journey to Endau/Rompin, a place where I myself has never been to neither.

Through Senawang, Ulu Bendul, Kuala Pilah, Batu Kikir, Serting, Muadzam, Rompin then Endau. Somewhere before Rompin, we had a break for morning breakfast. Then to Endau to buy rations on the boat.

Quite a number of items we bought and later we made our move to the Jetty where we're supposed to be departed to the sea. I took my bath, just to make myself easy and comfortable.

The only thing I'm so worry about is the sea sickness. I even prepared myself some dizzy pills.

At around 12 o'clock, I stepped on the boat and we departed. As the effect of the pills, I felt so sleepy so I slept till the boat stopped.

I've made it. I'm not dizzy and this is good. Without wasting any time, I prepared the fishing rod with apollo, which means the rod connected into a series of hooks. This is really enjoyable as everytime I put 'em in, at least a fish will get hooked. Obviously, it may caused by the fresh bait we use, which was the squid that was just caught by Rosli.

Abu, Syahril, Rosli.

While busy getting more and more fish, they're all started to have their lunch. I was in doubt as I may get into sickness if I take my lunch, but I was way too hungry for trying to forget my lunch.

Then, I took the packed Rice, together with Chicken Masak Merah and some veggies.

A disaster then, when I started to feel dizzy. I kept lying down, as I lift my head up, I'll started to feel like to throw out. As I closed my eyes, I kept my ears opened as to alert myself of anything that will happen.

Then as I woke up, it's already 10.30 p.m when I heard such a loud voices of people as they're just found something. Abu has just caught a big mackerel (Tenggiri) whish was estimated at 8-10 kg.

That was a sudden joy before I put my head back down and continue my sleeping. I was all worried about my durability of eyes as a very long period wear of contact lensed will surely do something bad.

It was way too dizzy for me. I was trying to hold but it seems so hard. The wave were quite heavy and the boat was like a drunken dancing boat. Even the boat 'Tekong" was getting mad with the situation and I can even heard him "Yelled" to the boat for dancing way too much.

Then I heard him cooking the sardine. That made me to become even worse. My stomach is about to come out but I was still holding it tight. Then I heard noises, I think someone must have been caught something big then.

Then, it was somewhere in the middle of the night, I saw Rosli was alone waiting for his bait to get eaten by the fish. This was not as joy as my previous visit to Pulau Sembilan a year ago, where in the midle of the night, I was still fishing and keep getting more and more fishes.

I stepped down the platform and tried to stay awake as to keep rosli accompanied. But I was too dizzy. I laid down on the bench that was made of two pieces of sawn timber. It was not too big but was wide enough to hold my body from falling down from it. My back was way too pain as the bench were not levelled properly. One piece was lower than another. But I was sleeping on it till somewhere near 5AM and Rosli asked me lie down on the floor.

I stay the same till somewhere near 7 and woke up. A few more people has waken up too. I get my Rod and started fishing. But it seems that no one is having luck this morning.

We moved on to other places. I don't know the time moved so fast then. They even took brekfast but I was just looking. Was hungry too but my dizziness is something I can't stand.

Then it was nearly twelve. We packed up and get ready to get back to the mainland. As reached the place, we took shower and started our journey back.

It was not so fun, but I had fun. Getting dizzy on the sea really had helped me to forget every single problem I'm having now..

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