July 6, 2005

Reality TV fever...!

Malaysian Idol or Akademi Fantasia 3 (AF3).

And now a lot more. Mentor, Malaysian Top Host. What else.

Their results are always like shit. Latest shitty result was in Mentor when Siti Nurhaliza's and Liza Hanim's student were eliminated, Fahmi and Dewi.

It's not that because I like both of the Mentor (siti and Liza), both contestant aren't that bad. Fahmi is really good and Dewi was outstanding.

From Akademi Fantasia, the big lost was when Idayu was taken out. But, coincidentally, earlier that week her father was robbed at his house and that has made me to come out with a conspiracy theory,

Earlier, even the Member of Parliament (MP) discussed about AF3 in the parliament (which is embarassing) by complaining about the effects of AF3 program towards morality of the younger folks, how the program is actually cause people to spend more money towards the thing that is unnecessary beneficial (and they've also increased the SMS cost from RM0.50 to RM0.65) and a lot more.

The latest and happiest moment of AF3 when Reza was taken out. He's not supposed to be there. Why? I'm not gonna elaborate as malaysians were all very clear that the whole concert arena cheered and clapped happily when he was announced to leave the show.

Back to Malaysian Idol, I agreed with Julie a friend of mine that Faizull the rocker is going to be getting a lot of atention, just like what Paul Moss have said too.

And these reality TV programs has got Blogs of people who likes to state their perspectives and views too especially Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol.

Now I would declare the War of the Reality TVs (I just watched war of the world today, and not only that, I went to Karaoke also. hehehe)

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