April 17, 2004

My First Time :: How to scold people hahaha....

Meeting :: Since i've been working in EDS, i've never have my say voiced out during a meeting. I was always be a very good listener, or sometimes i slept in the meeting.. I know i wasn't belonged there.

Last Thursday :: I was called for a meeting about the DR (Disaster Recovery) Relocation in Bangi, with some other people from EDS. I was quite upset with the meeting because they are totally out of our scope of work but since my very good bos.. this is honest.. since my very good boss asked me to go there with abu.. so i just went there.. and waited for about quite some times before the meeting started.

The Meeting :: The meeting was run as scheduled until this one point where wew all noticed that tasks for us were ready as if someone has already committed to complete the task for us. We're so upset with it and decided to get to know who was the culprit. In EDS, the culture here (even tho it's an American Company) is to blame people who do wrong things, not to correct first then post mortem. So Guna seelan told us that the tasks was all given to him by this guy Maurice Green or Maurice Mo. So we decided to give him a call

The call :: It was teleconferencing call, but without seeing each other face. Abu told him emotionally about the unavailability of things for the testing and he himself would not want to do things that he did not commit to do it. The notice was too short and he wouldn't want to be responsible for what he's not supposed to do

Me :: Haha.. I intentionally to show other people that I'm mad, yelled at this guy.. hahaha.. telling him that all his tasks were uncommitable. How?

The ART :: Just tell him all the truth of what's actually goin on. He initially hardly understand me, and even other guys were telling him simply (as I always get myself turning around the same point over and over, so it seems like complicated a bit) . So later, when he seems to be slow to pick up what iwas trying to say, then everyone was like raising their voice.. Me too.. hehe.. I was obviously doing that but Abu was much worse.. hahaha.. He raised his voice and then went out of the meeting rooms.

State of the ART :: He's got bad english. I thought he must be someone from the UK or US, or Aussie, but he's actually a pure Hong Kongese.. hehe..

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