April 21, 2004

Myself :: A Loser Questionnaire

About 10 years ago...
1. I was seventeen.
2. I sat for SPM.
3. Was a celebrity at school hehehe.
4. Bz with my guitar(s) really good with it.
5. Got the feeling to learn to be an 'after-school' loser after these years of flying colours...

About 5 years ago...
1. I was twenty-two.
2. I was bz with my final year project. Cried when my project was infected by virus... loser....
3. I was so in love with someone.
4. Me + Heri were among the top faces in the U until he left then i was alone..
5. I have all my frens around me

About 3 years ago...
1. I was twenty-four.
2. I was struggling to determine the heading of my life
3. Losing GTI, losing Civic, loser again?
4. Opened an EPF account after a year of working
5. Still was in love with someone.

About 1 year ago...
1. I was twenty six, single and I'm a total lame loser.
2. Went out with damn so many gals but still a fuckin loser.
3. Switched to the job that i'm workin now
4. Still drive that old wira.
5. My frens were getting away from me as they've been starting their new life with the family

Today I...
1. am still a fuckin lame loser
2. have a fucked up mind
3. have no saving.. all gone
4. used to have a lot of gals around me, and now I'm trying to get rid of them.
5. am trying to reduce the scale of my circle of friends
6. am having a very good boss
7. am enjoying life as a loser surrounded by nice people
8. sweat a lot..

1. What's the third letter in your name?

2. What's the worst band you ever saw live?
My own band performing when my brother was on the drums. Damn fuckin ass!

3. What's the name of a good chinese place in your area?
Seri Kembangan

4. What's on your feet right now?
Ciano Genuine Leather.

1. Brady Bunch or Patridge Family? Who are they?
2. Batman or Superman? Superman
3. Elvis or James Brown? Elvis
4. Beatles or Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones.
5. Doraemon or Shin Chan? I'm shinchan.

1. How tall are you?
175 cm

2. How many times did you sneeze today?

3. How do you do?
Not so fuckin fine.

4. How does the last book you read till the end?
I dun remember

1. Will you have kids?
Of course.. 8.
2. Will you enjoy the company of someone much older than you?

- last book you read: A politic book by SH. Alattas
- last movie you saw: Along Came Polly
- last movie you saw on the big screen: Along Came Polly
- last phone number you called: Farah
- last show you watched on TV: News at 7
- last song you heard: Too Phat song about his gal was actually a lesbo (and it happens to me as well)
- last thing you had to drink: Teh o ais limau
- last thing you ate: Roti Canai Banjir
- last Time you showered: This morning
- last time you cried: Don't remember
- last time you smiled: when i read this question, i tend to smile to actually think, do I really smile.. haha
- last time you laughed: This morning, with Baby on the phone.
- last person you hugged: Farok, last nite after futsal,
- last thing you said: Muahs.. (on the phone)
- last person you talked to online: Baby kat US
- last person you talked to on the phone: Baby kat US.
- last thing you smelled: My GA Aqua (sheyna love it)

ART of Being a Loser :: Learn how to accept losing, learn to be not on top, learn to be positive, learn to be not accepted, learn to be laughed at, learn how to put my nose on the ground, learn how to get down to earth, learn to not to quarrel when it's the time people will quarrel, learn to say sorry, learn to be the loser not the winner.

State of the ART :: Being a loser taught me to be patience, sometimes relax and down to earth. I chose to be a loser after all the time I was being so good, so idolized, so loved, so admired but I was never this kewl. Being a loser doesn't mean anything good, but it's not always bad either. Being a loser doesn't mean u can be a better person, something u're a real loser when u're a total loser. Just sometimes, be yourself, and sometimes you might not have to.

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