April 7, 2004

Viral Flu :: How to get fast recovery!!!

Early Symptoms :: On Friday nite, I went back home with flu like symptoms, extreme tiredness, cough, chills, shaking and extreme fatigue. These symptoms lasted in varying degrees. Each onset was characterized by 2 or 3 rapid, heavy heartbeats then an accelerated heart rate of about 90 to 120 beats per minute. The rapid heartbeat would last for about 5 minutes then settle to about 70 resting(which is high for me). Then I would shake violently for some time.

Karaoke :: On the next day, I woke up early to visit my aunt in the hospital, no one was there and I only can see her from a distance. Went back home and wait for ermie to fecth me to Karaoke in Bangsar. Fetched shayna and here we go.

Aching :: I was always worrying on my high uric acid level in my body. I was thinking that the aching in all over my body was caused by the amount of squid that i was having last nite in Mayra's BBQ. All my joint were aching badly even i can't walk properly because of the aching. And then, we went for meals at Kedai Nasi Ayam in Sungai Wang and later they drop me off Mid Valley to see my parents and my sisters there. I'm supposed to treat them this time.

In Mid Valley :: Met them, was about to take them to Chili's but it was full and we just had our dinner at piccolo mondo. Then my father drove me back home and i fell asleep as i put my head on my bed.

Viral Flu :: I met the doctor on Sunday, the doctor confirmed that it is the viral flu. It might remain for weeks or even months!!!.. So I manage to get an injection on my butt.. Ouch.. I still can feel the needle is actually tapping my pelvical bone. ouch ouch.. took the pills and everything gone okay. Luckily the Dr. gave me a medical leave. Went out with emie, watched movie.. it was Along Came Polly. then went back home.. Fell asleep.. badly..

One whole day of fever :: On the next day, I'm having a very bad fever. Woke up at 7 but struggling to get myself out of bed and only at 10am something i manage to do it. Take bath, and went out shopping for food. I won't take medicine without food. Went back home, eat and took the medicine. I even put wet towels on my body just to help to reduce the temperature of my body. In the evening, emie took me out and have dinner at Ampang. Wah.. nice dinner and i went back sleeping happily..

Working & Fever :: Emie drove me to work. Very bad. I'm very weak. Cold. Cannot stand the office weather. Temperature was damn too low and i was struggling to survive the office weather. Then my boss asked me out to muamalat and do our job there. back in the office later in the afternoon and emie drove me back home. At home, I was struggling again with the fever.. I didn't take dinner, tonite i'll be playing futsal. Should I go or not? I took a nap and shivering.. zzzZZZ

The ART :: When I woke up, it's damn cold. I struggled badly to the washroom for ablution. I was badly giggling in my prayer. Slowly put everything on, have a lil nice chat with kelvin, my housemate. I went down, drove my car to Sports Unlimited PJ, played futsal, scored 3 goals.. hahaha.. go back, took bath, sleep and woke up in the morning with my fever gone!!!!

State of the ART :: Before i went to futsal, I took cough syrup and a paracetamol pill with an empty stomach. We all know the effect of the cough syrup, it might boost skills or whatever our ability of controlling the thing we are doing. Done futsal, I vomitted about 13-14 times, it was all water that I thrown out. Plus the cough syrup.

My Theory :: If you don't get it, it's not the cough syrup that helped me recoverying from my viral flu. The cough syrup is just a booster to enable me to play futsal that nite. I played so good, scored 3 goals. Sweating heavily or extremely will really help you to recover from your illness. All the time, my back was all time heating. You know why? The back bone is where all the anti-body (white blood cell) is being produced. When I was in flu, it was really heating since it has to produce more and more anti-body to fight the flu. When it's too hot and cannot be delivered into something else, the anti-body production will become slow or stopped. With doing extra work, blood circulation is improved and heating can be translated into sweat and anti-body production can proceed as usual.

This is just my own theory. Don't believe it.. hehe.. but it works for me. Now i'm free of viral flu but i still have my light cough and my left hand is aching cause yesterday's incident...

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