April 20, 2004

Learning :: The process of my own way....

Work :: I've been assigned with 2.. it's 2 D&E tasks. But I've lost one of the URF. Starting from yesterday, I have training for about a month. So no more going to Bangi to lepak or going out with my boss to lepak.. at least for a month.

A bit of myself :: It's been so boring in the training. I've never been someone who can be concentrating or focusing on speech or presentation, found it so boring to learn something through teaching or in front presentation.

Learn thru experience :: I used to learn a lotsa things thru experience and hands on. I'll be more focus and betcha i'll be doing it even tho i'll have to be there till late nite. Used to do things i know zero about it, but yet I've came up with the best solution, that was during my Diplomme..

MUREX :: The training is about MUREX, the New Treasury System (NTS) that was about to be implemented to the Bank. The bank that we serve is gonna be the guinea pig of this system in Malaysia. It sounds complicated to everyone, since it's going to be using XML as the data medium. There's a lot of interfacing that's gonna be implemented. Though it sounds that complicated, but from my very own eagle view, it's quite easy. The technical part would be a bit hassle as less reference, as Banking system in Malaysia are mostly proprietarially developed by the BNM.

Training :: BORING!!!!!!!!! What else I can say about it. So how am I getting through it?

The ART :: I sleep.. hahaha.. and whenever there's a chance to go out, especially with my boss, I'll just walk out the door and disappear.

State of the ART :: It depends on the people. For me.. I'm not the kind to be in the class listen and understand. I'd prefer hands on and doing it slowly. Learn by example wouls be the best. All this while, I learn it by experience.

Friends :: They are my tutors. Real tutors. Yeah, as we grow up and develop, it's essential to learn about new things. As they can be your best mirror of yourself, they are your true friends. Friends who: -

1. Keep commenting - They are concern
2. Keep complimenting - You are their idol
3. Keep praising - They love u
4. Make u laugh - Love u to be around
5. Make u smile - They care about you


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