April 22, 2004

Do This :: Or That?

*****ThiS OR tHat..*****

-soft or hard? : soft
-red or blue? : blue
-dots or lines? : dots
-milk or choc? : milk
-rabbits or cats? : rabbits
-punk or hiphop? : hiphop
-rnb or pop? : both
-christina or britney? : bri'ney
-josh hartnett or ben affleck? : ben
-friends or family ? : family
-ori hair or coloured hair? : ori
-sweet or rebellious? : sweet
-great smile or great hair : great hair.. hehe
-funny or romantic : funny
-shy or loud: depends, prefer to be shy to strangers
-cute eyes or great eyes : how do u define great eyes? cause I dun have both!

*****The Last......

-song u heard : yesterday once more - carpenters
-movie u watched: along came polly
-cd u bought: CD-R hehe

~.............FaCtS aboUt u...................~

-nice? : haha.. what do u people think abt me?
-understanding? : yes i have to
-crazy? : haha i rike
-taken or single : taken by so many people but i put myself back to it's place
-do u have a crush? : hmm.. think so.. but to so many people and do you still consider that as crushes?

**answer this**

-who's your CLOSEST friends? : farok, wira, hemsem, my boss, sheyna, emie, and some other people who I can't mention or else....
-when u had a big problem and need someone to talk to, who will u turn to? : my father or mother or Bob

-what song makes u feel alone or lonely? : don't cry
-keep secrets with ur friends or to urself? : depends
-why did u like your crush(es)? : physical
-who makes u laugh most of the time? : TV
-who gives u support about ur life most of the time? : my ownself
-when one of your bestfriend went out with your crush or ex or boy? : i wanna know more!!!
-when someone cares a lot about you : i'd prefer only certain people to care abt me, or else thay care for something else..


-what do u feel right now?: fresh, kewl, curious.
-enjoy doing this ? : okie. something to ignite my day.

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