April 22, 2004

Cigarette :: To quit or not to quit?

Starting point :: Do you know that i've learned to smoke when i was in standard 5 (I was 11 years old and it was 16 years ago). I stole the cigarette of the Imam of the mosque I was praying at that time, took it to the toilet and smoke in there. But at that time, it was just puffing the smoke without having it breathed in to the lung. It was more like, well, i'm smoking now and i look kewl heh heh... It was the Kretek 666.

Getting addicted :: I wasn't really addicted to smoking actually. It just that I felt much enjoying it after i've breathed in the smokes, but at first i fell like to fall to the ground. That was my first time and it was Salem!!!

Main Switching Points :: I dun actually remember, but as I'm getting serious with smoking, I still remember in form 1 till form 2 i was smoking dunhill cigarettes. In form 3 when I learned guitar, i switched to marlboro as I was seriously adored Slash from the Guns & Roses, and realy wannabe like him. Somewhere in Form 5, I started to take dunhill back as at this one point, it was hard to get marlboro so I decided to try dunhill and later i sticked to it.

Other cigarettes tried :: Of course a lot!!!! I do cigar sometimes, semporna, marlboro light, dunhill light, salem light, davidoff, perilly's, winston, camel, and some other i could not remember.

When I did smoke heavily :: SPM, exams, break ups, heavy chat, heavy discussions, doing programming, on the internet, when i was stuck in solving problems and when i'm sad.

Why I smoke :: I myself do not know. I started to be kewl, and later enjoying it, I never get addicted to it, but I just feel much better with it. Later on, ideas was short and simple with cigarette. When I have problem, having cigarette seems to calm me down. When I'm sad, cigarette seems to calm me down too. Maybe, cigarette for me is something relaxing.

Now :: I've been trying so hard to stop this bad habit, which I think has been polluting my life for 16 years now. Am having a lot of friends who smoke but my boss doesn't smoke at all. Sometimes i hate smoking but sometimes, it's better with smoke going out of your mouth when chatting or talking with colleagues.

Problems :: No significance problem found, except for seasonal heavy cough (which occurs every year) which long for 2-3 months and later heal by itself. Been seeing doctors and they assured me nothing is wrong.

So :: I don't know what should I do now. Was hoping that I can quit smoking. It's a bad habit but i do enjoy it.

Advice :: Anyone care to advice?????

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