April 26, 2004

Sea Fishing :: My First Time

Fishing :: Fishing? I used to say no to fishing. Once in the year of 2001, i went to terengganu for.. hmm maybe i can use the term.. squidding hahah.. In Malay, we call it as 'mencandat sotong'. It's using the fish like rapala, and it got 6-8 hooks, umbrella like so wheneven the squid wants to reach for the rapala, all it's hands will be hooked to the hooks and later we can easily pull it up and there's when the fun comes. Squidding is normally done at nite, we light up the lamp and the lights from the lamp will actually will highlight the colors of the rapala, so that the squid can see it and try to catch it, where we are actually catching 'em.

Squidding Experience :: Squidding?? Argh.. the first time i put my legs on the boat was a terrible feeling. B4 that we were just had the 'Ais Batu Kacang' (ABC) and I'm kinda stuffed up. Standing on the boat was like, wow, i just can't hold it but i manage to hold up till late nite when I threw up, when everyone has went sleeping cause of the sea-sickness. I was having a very bad sea-sickness, but i manage to pull up at least 16-17 squids!!! hahaha.. So I kinda not enjoying being on the boat, because of the sea-sickness.

Preparation :: Hmm.. not so many things to be prepared. I was actually trying to keep myself fit by doig more and more exercise, to actually keep my tummy fit so it can endure the sea-sickness. Went out with Rosli, my boss to the fishing store to buy things which I've never heard of see. Used to go fishing, but for pond fishing, u just need the strings, hook, bait and a rod, anything can be the rod, even a bamboo stick. My fishing experience was never been that good, in fact, my first catch was a frog, which i just cut the string off. Who dare to hold the frog?? euch!!!

Friday afternoon :: Of course, being a person that is having a lot of sentimental senses, i always wanted to see people I love before going anywhere. Just before office time, at about 4.50, Sheyna called me, asked me about what am I doing, and I said I do nothing. She asked me to come down and together with Emie, we went out to Syed Bangsar, and eat there. While we were in the car, Panjang called, telling me the problem in the Muamalat and they have to do their job at the Business Recovery Center in Bangi. I wold him, I can't.

Nite :: Arrived home, and called my mom. Told her that I'm coming back, really missed her and Farah.. I said that I'd be ariving in around 8-8.30 pm.. so I wanna take some rest. Later on, Abu called again and old me that he can't do it all by himself. So I decided to give them some hand, as I expected it not to be so long.

Well :: The thing is, Abu has not arrived yet there when I arrived.. and this thing dragged me till 11.30 then only I drive back to Senawang. But I managed to see my mom when she went out of her room, maybe she heard me coming in. We chat for a while.. She asked me why should I came back, it's too late, but I just told her.. I miss her so much so I need to see her.. She just smile and went in back to sleep. Then later I went to sleep.

Morning :: Wake up, see my mom for about 20 mins.. without taking a bath, I drove off back to KL, took bath and emie sent me to the office, met rosli, aziz and fenD (Pak lawak) there.. We drove off to Lumut at about 9.40, and reached Teluk Batik at around 2 pm. I took the sea-sickness pill.

Take off :: We took off to the sea at about 3.30 p.m. I was sleepy when I first put my legs on the boat. Sleep, sleep, sleep.. till we reach this one place.. and start fishing there. Only one of us who did get fish.. where the rest do not. The other boat next to us was having better luck, they were gettin more fish than we do.. So off we go.. to the next place

Next Place :: I don't really remember as I was sleepy all the time (maybe effect of the pills I took), but as I still can recall, we went to this one place, near a small island (it was just rocks), and we fish there. I was using my boss's fishing rod and I got no luck at all. My boss, ajiz, and pak lawak were not getting anything as well. The other gang of 3 were enjoying their luck as they are pulling up more and more fish, and as I can remember, they caught a barracuda. And the night has come.

Fishing at nite :: Yeah.. I was okay.. feel a bit dizzy.. but I was still okay.. can walk around and the best thing was I don't have the urge to throw out.. at all!! I was sleeping and awake for quite a few times.. until this one time, my boss asked me to use the squid as the bait. So I just threw the prawn off the hook and get a slice of squid and put it on. Then I throw it in.

WOW :: Suddenly, I felt something is pulling my string, and i straight away pulled my rod, and yes!!! Something is hooked. This is my first time on the sea!!!! I've never had experience of winding the string back, but based on what I saw on TV, slowly I wind the string, slowly pull it back up and wind back the string.. My boss was saying.. hmm.. this must be a small fish.. as I'm a first timer and the fish doesn't seem like a puller!!!

Suprise :: It was a SNAPPER, Russel's Snapper or in Malay we call it JENAHAK!!! And everyone was like.. wahh.. wow.. fuiyo.. marvellous. I as a descent person and know nothing about fishing was like blurred for a while.. but they were still cheering me up.. Later on my boss told me.. "Bai, Jenahak is marvellous, A1 class fish!!!" I was like hard for a while, with my mouth big opened and a long sigh of.. ohhhhhhhhh... and then only i know.. My boss was quite proud of me, as at first, they were all having bad talking about me, sure 'MABUK' (sea-sickness), or sure 'LEMBIK' (unfit) to be on the sea. I was referred as 'REBONDING' as referred to my hair. Later then my boss was talking to himself, why he's not getting even a fish.. PIty of him but a few minutes later, he gets one.. Well, after getting a fish for myself and my boss, i can't hold myself and I went to sleep till morning... happily.. dreaming about my family and friends on the main land.. fara... mak.. abah.. sheyna, emie.. hasna.. wira.. hemsem.. farok.. bla bla bla...(Was I having homesickness there?)

Morning :: It was a fresh morning.. I woke up and straight away get a grip of the rod and starts fishing, this time the bait was small fishes (ikan bilis), and I managed to pull up 3 GROUPERS (kerapu), but I released back one of it as it was too small, i was so pity of it.. Had big-time breakfast + a glass of nescafe and there where the disaster comes..

Dizzy :: I was dizzy all the time after that.. What I can remember, we switched places, 3 times before we went back. My boss manage to pulled up a few fishes.

5.00 PM :: Went up to the mainland and clean up ourselves, dinner, drive home back HAPPILY!!!


ART :: Go and enjoy it. Keep yourself from sea-sickness. Get a proper placing. And get a good bait. SQUID is the best bait.

The State of the ART :: Avoid yourself from sea-sickness by taking pills. Sitting at the back end of the boat will really help as the current flow, the fish flows together with the current. The guy who sits at the back end of the boat pulled up the most fish among us. And you know why squid is the best bait? It's because of the elasticity. Like the rest of the bait, they can easily be teared off the hook when the fish grab it, but as for squid, it has it's own flesh smell that will really attract the fishes, and as they grab it, it's not easy to tear as it's so elastic, so they have to take the whole part, where as well, they will get hooked. Get it?

Enjoy :: I really enjoy the moment I pulled up the fishes.. But I would really wish to share the moment with my mom.. father... farah.. wira.. farok.. hemsem.. lego.. omen.. ter.. sheyna.. emie.. hasna.. My greatest moment was when I pulled my first snapper.. I wish I can share the moment... When I pulled the snapper, everyone's face was like flashing onto my eyes..

Later :: In the car, pictures of fishes, i got my first fish, my bait lost, was flashing over and over again. Even my dream was about fishing.. hahaha..

About my BOSS :: and in my dreams that nite, there's always the faces of my boss smiling widely whenever he felt like to laugh at other people.. always want to make fun of other people.. but i'm really proud of this guy.. as a boss and a friend, he's taking me into somewhere i've never reached in my life... even though he's was like a joker, I think a lot of people out there like him very much, even though he's a joker, he's a taker and he cares a lot of his friends..

People :: So kewl and lucky to have nice people around me now.. my boss, friends, am I a LOSER???

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