April 20, 2004

Weight :: How to reduce it my way?

Why I gain weight? :: I started to play Futsal somewhere last year, with Omen, Al and some other friends. First time I play was, wow.. I was very unfit and nearly vomit everything inside my tummy. And I do feel like my tummy was about to be pulled out as well. But later, the urge of playing futsal is no more there.. I used to play futsal for free, sponsored by the brokers for the bank but later I don't feel like going.. so i gained weight from 65 to 73 kg.. in just 4 weeks.

How do I feel? :: Wow.. bad.. hardly walk.. heavy.. hard to breathe. Easily sweat and smelly (bucuk). I must back to normal.. 8 kg makes a lot of difference in my life..

The ART :: Play Futsal almost everynight, sometimes I just don't eat at all at nite. And now I'm at 67kg. Just in 3 weeks then.. And one good thing is, I [b]SCORED[/b] in every game I played.. So i just get back my repo as a striker once upon a time ago...

State of the ART :: Just tell yourself u wanted to be less in fat. Just tell yourself you should have a healthy life. Just tell yourself, you wanna have a better build. Just tell yourself everything you want about yourself. You'd be doing it, especially when it is related to physical. It ain't easy. To start to work out, u must have a very high determination. It ain't easy for me too.

The real state of the ART :: Actually, my two smelly frens were also looking forward to become body beautiful (sorry emie, i'm using your term). Emie had just signed up a 3-months contract in a gym while shayna's still looking around, planning to attend the kickboxing classes. So, when is Hasna's turn?

* Read smelly as 'bucuk' not 'busuk bau longkang'. Apply to whole document.. OK?

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