April 19, 2004

Last Weekend :: Lotsa Things Happened...

Friday Night :: Went to futsal with my boss, paid RM16 for the futsal which I played for only 45 mins out of 2 hours. Was so mad at this one guy who at first asked cigarettes from me, then asked to borrow pants from me, and during the game, he's the one who asked me out as not playing seriously, and at the end he asked me and my boss to pay as he didn't bring his wallet. I was so so so so mad. I didn't play much and still have to pay as much as they all pay. What the heck.. hehe.. then went back, and sleep.

Saturday Morning :: Ermie woke me up (haha.. thru phone okay...!) Had breakfast with that smelly ermie (as she went jogging in the morning)

Tasha Called :: Up to my surprise, this gal called me and u know what, she [b]ORDERED[/b] me to buy her bus tickets to Alor Setar for her parents. Walla. I was so mad!!!

Later :: Then after she bathed herself, we went out to Bukit Bintang, as Shayna was busy with her family. On my way there, my boss called and my scheduled work was brought forward to 2pm as it was supposed to be at 4pm. I then proceed with my shopping, bought a pair of futsal shoe, a pair of contact lense and had lunch at the delifghance.. hehehe..

Work :: I sent ermie to Hillpark as i was then headed to Kerinchi LRT station as I'm going to menara muamalat for the job. Reached there at 3.30 and luckily we still have to wait until 4 o'clock to do the job. So i went out to buy Tasha's bus ticket and then came back to menara muamalat and done with the job.

After work :: Went back to the office and read some mails. I was so tired, i slept on my chairs and sudenly Tasha called me up and later i passed her the tickets. Then ermie called me and asked me whether we're going out or not and yes we are going.. Then I went to Masjid Bangsar and do my prayer there..

Farhan Called :: She called me up and asked me to fetch her from KL Sentral and maybe if possible to take her to dinner anywhere.. Haha.. another gal who really make use of a very kind myself. I asked her to wait for my call. I knew this gal is having a problem, so I called ermie, fetched her and asked her whether she's okay if I brough farhan together and she says okay.. So I fetch farhan without telling her that I've got a friend with me. fetched her and took everyone to Taman Desa, had dinner. Was trying to actually get to know her problem but maybe Ermie was there, she opted to just keep it to herself.. at that that..

Sent Ermie Back Home :: Just after my car passed ermie's home, Farhan started to tell me that she's actually ran away from home!!! I was so scared.. What if this.. what if that.. as her friend is going to fetch her and take her home (and what worried me was her friend is a man) at 11 o'clock, i took her to A&W PJ and chatted there..

Met Wawa or Az :: Out of my surprise.. met Az in A&W PJ. She noticed me at first. so we had a short chat and later got back to farhan. then she fell sleepy and she asked to be in the car. I just drove while she's sleeping in the car, to nowhere and suddenly her friend called. So I sent her back to A&W and left her there. It's 24 hours outlet so no worries...

I'm Home !!! :: Tried my shoes and damn, it was tight. I can't even straighten my toes.. Oh shit.. was so frustrated and went to bed. Was so tired.

Wake up and smell the carcass :: Hahaha.. that was Carcass's last album title.. It was late.. 12 something.. I woken up earlier but sex fantasizing in the morning was something i can't miss. Called everyone actually. My mom, my uncle almost everyone. Lonely.. so what else to do? Then I bathed myself.. and went out. And yesterday, I did bought wrong contact lenses for myself..

Called shayna and ermie :: Hahahahaha.. this was funny.. wanna know? Thought shayna was going with ermie to the gym.. but she wasn't as shayna was actually don't wanna go.. so I asked her whether she wants to follow me to BB as I'm going to change my pair of futsal shoes and gonna buy another pair of contact lense. She refused as she was still smelly. She needs a bath and she needs to wash all her smelly clothes as well.. hahaha..

Went to BB :: Haha.. I managed to change the shoes even without the receipt. So lucky I am. Then bought another pair of contact lense with the new power. Then drove back home. Smsed Shayna that I'm home.. and i testedmy shoes. It seems a lil loose but, i think I'll just have to take it.

Just b4 4 :: Then I called ermie, but she was already out with her other friends to the gym. The question is :: Will emie become thinner after she went to the GYM.. wait for the answer 3 months after this as she signing up for the program in the gym (huiyo...) For sure she'll becoming more and more yummy after this ([i][b]this is a paid advertisement[/b][/i]).

Fetched Shayna :: Yeah. went to BB.. Ya allah.. it took us 35 mins just to look for a parking bay. (hehe.. earlier I took 45 mins) then we headed to .. hmm forgot.. yeah.. went to parfums as shayna still thinks that she's still smelly after bath, went for shoes as she's actually wants to jog and go to gym.. nasi ayam hainan.. hahaha.. she was in red.. looks yummy too.. (i was over fantasized this morning). But i was kinda hyperactive that day. Was so talkative, i talked a lot.. and with everyone I met, I just say anything in my mind.. I even talk dirty with the parfum gal.. talk stoopid things with that DVD guy.. but it was kewl...

KLCC :: I drove to KLCC, since actually shayna is meeting her so-said pretty cousin's gf. Haha.. I was so excited as I can't wait to see her.. met ermie. go around.. and later met.. who's that gal?? la la la la la la la la la la la... LYNN..

[b]FRUST ler[/b] :: She's not my type.. not even pretty, and there's nothing special about her.. emie agreed with me.. I think shayna is much much prettier than the gal even she's still smelly, just like ermie.. and I think she's under estimating herself by saying that... so bad.. not like emie who always claimed to be pretty.. i knew there's someone who is always says that u're pretty.. okla.. both of you are pretty but smelly.. fine?

Nice view :: Shayna and lynn went to chili's.. me and ermie went to sushi king.. kewl place.. with kewl view.. but i think i was kinda stuffed with nasi ayam.. and the record shows.. haha.. i just took 4 plates of sushi.. normally i took 20 plates..!!! hahaha.. then lepak outside at the waterfront park.. talk, look at people and later at 10, shayna came out.. and went to the car.. go round KL.. and later went back.. I myself was so tired..

Old Julie :: Hah.. she smsed me.. sms.. sms.. and l8er I called.. hmm as usual.. negative result.. don;t wanna mention it.. Just told her.. contact me only if u're ready to see me.. ok?

Fadilah :: She smsed me.. this gal.. i was also a bit hot at... she was supposed to see me.. then she always forget.. NVM.. as I'm going to get off all of this..

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